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  • suddenly and violently Anne is goodDatum21.09.2023 15:49
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Regeln

    Liao learns the soldier puts cigarette butt into his in front of wine cup inside, the ice-cold liquid once immerses cigarette butt, the Teng rose a burst of white smoke, send out an of Chi.This action is very rude, once took charge of a Nu idea of fast face one Shan namely die, the great waves not and surprisedly said with smile:"Does Mr. Liao think that I have already spoken amiss a ground of place?"
    The old Gu accepts bribe and accepted and then accepted.Everyone again be not don't know.God knows he delivers today what nerve, incredibly send one the person of two brains come over.I still think that sending one at least is capable of come to provide a little intelligence report, say that kind of the useless talk has what use."
    The south younger brother's hand orders table to say:"I think that you can leave now and return to give an account that the task successfully completed to bureau chief Gu.We want to open a debate the detail of some illegal behavior right away, do you still need to listen to?"
    Once took charge of fast put on sweat, face a burst of and red and a burst of white, finally smiled:"Is ashamed, mix on the officer noodles spoil, that kind of the words early become natural, also please forgive much and more.The bureau chief makes me take intelligence report to come over, the business of red bean Chinese fir, our police will match with you.Still have, the some other day is ex- to get news, Lin Yu this several in the last yearses in fact always all at in the sea didn't leave, but medium sea City several must population, the huge is been boundless, done not know what start to seek, but he secretly manipulates red bean Chinese fir always undisputable fact."
    Liao learned a soldier to once connect polite the other party to pass a ground of good smoke to spark and asked a way:"I really want to know wood over disappears for eight years, why you still so value to them."
    Once took charge of fast consideration for a while Cuo phrase, say:"First, he is extreme dangerous of is escaping murderer, this man's not only cruel hand is hot, and the personality is ferocious, the Zhi accounts 100, careful, the one handle knife of a person could kill councilman's whole family in week in those early years.At that time parliament just in the election, the week councilman had two sturdy rivals, he feared some otiose troubles, so invited a lot of bodyguards, be on guard very and severe, discrepancy frequently ten several 20 people, even most professionally assassination didn't dare to act rashly as well, Lin Yu accurate decoration assault route, the single-handed averted from the layer after layer supervision of bodyguard, in the toilet week the councilman chopped eight, after the event more still calmly Qian
    The person the week instrument member in home puts poison in a hand to his family, this courage and judgment, the record of events removing to carry on misdeed doesn't talk and also be good enough to let people to change countenance."
    Leave very far away story just equal to legend of oneself just, talk over even if, south the younger brother is light a smile:"This was already the business of eight year agos."
    "Tally up the intelligence report for getting according to us in fact, eight in the last years Lin Yu return over the two hand.The first time is 2003, Chiang-Nan food group ground the owner be chopped, although there is no evidence, from the dead body up discover of connect into seven asteroid blood holes: Big Dipper, our making sure is that Lin Yu is beyond doubt, because that is him special of kill people way.Chiang-Nan food that legal case also caused a sensation a whole country and finally still kept concluding without concrete result, could not grasp a person to have what way, above force to ask always the ability not is confused to grasp an individual to the Chong number?Still having is a , March in last year, a forcible rape young girl's end but because of evidence the not enough not guilty release of industrial department officials' son, the somebody elses all call him big little and come out law court that evening, his corpse also hangs at the front door of city hall before, still keep being Great Dipper on the body."
    Liao learns a soldier to say with smile:"The Great Dipper is an Azrael advent in the ancient times ground symbol, this boy pours to also have a little in addition to suddenly and violently Anne is good, the ancient chivalrous man's flavor, I like thus ground person."
    "From that after, any this person trace that has no Lin Yu any further, the red bean Chinese fir company still keeps putting number to accept a number, if there is no direct benefits conflict, the another influence can't provokes them on one's owns initiative, either."

  • Liao learns a soldierDatum21.09.2023 15:42
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Regeln

    The student of the enthusiasm starts launching a vote and conveniently goes old Liao and seeks credit."What about teacher Liao?Classroom, offices didn't see his shadow of human figure.Cut class again?"
    Su flies lazy ocean ocean of Hong way:"Today has never come."Wishing teacher so peculiar personality is uninterested to judge and decide an activity, straight-tempered don't come to take part in.
    The whole campuses have never found out Liao to learn a soldier, he really cut class again, and the set was said with a big strange words of Chiu:"BE endure which can not endure, sacred of campus how permit next such shameless lout?"
    The head day swallows at the mid-night not descend the molar of one breath strong the four greatest golds correcting to gather a red bean Chinese fir just took nearly 200 younger brothers carried on to the hooligan of Vinaceous Rosefinch street anti- rush toward.Still have letting of calculations to break tail at the same time soldier to divide two roads and rush through into purple road lane in Su's house.Oneself then lies on sickbed in the hospital to carry on remote control.
    More than 100 big fellow materials begin a gun, tiny blunt, there is also a little amount AK47, excellent weapon, absolutely can be called to fight a brigade especially.Hooligan before old nest candlelight the bar was beaten into sparse Ba Lan, died two younger brothers that saw a son.
    At 2:00 A.M., Liao learns the urgent telephone that the soldier receives Zhu Xiang and says that the one family of Su's round were just robbed by the red bean Chinese fir to walk.Mo Lao Wu imagines that again be not what great hard nut to crack, therefore sent 23 people to beside stay by the side and was several ten red beans Chinese fir members who carry on the shoulder make type weapon to intrude into come, the few can not fight the many, block to all block not to live, let them one shot successful.
    The whistle voice that the lonesome Vinaceous Rosefinch street has already rung out to roar and shout, the police of big brigade strengthens to patrol an alert, Rao get the chicken fly a dog to jump, the surrounding neighbors is uneasy.
    Liao learns a soldier to worry a younger sister his/her own arm thigh lightly draw apart, the Nie hand Nie feet come out bedroom, take the eagle of desert and open "time" to slip away month absolute being big manor.
    Put on gloves, helmet, tense the zipper of fur-lined jacket, once the foot hang up one Deng and trample to ring a motor, Ning tight accelerator, "time" flies to flee but, slippery next month absolute being mountain wreath mountain highway.
    The midnight avenue in cold winter almost has no vehicle friendly intercourse, the air temperature is following in the zero degree, unless the rich family opens well-known expensive good car to come out to do lazy job of sons, again or work the job must start out of policeman's car, ambulance.As for those have no carefree must grow crazy of person, early hide into naturally bedding to enjoy Han dream.
    Liao learns a soldier to follow the sparrow mansion nightingale bar, three men wait him over there, adjutant, Zhu Xiang, who is the west city godfather to get dint most , one is a south younger brother.Still have a police's bureau is a Gu dynasty the sun sends of the general secretary of the Secretariat once took charge of fast.The red bean Chinese fir openly assaults hooligan.But the police is not, the Gu dynasty sun wants to send confidant naturally to say an item and tries to get rid of the wrath that Liao learns a soldier.
    Sit down in the corner, ordered one cup martini, old Liao after understanding settle a dispute feeling process said:"We come to make sure for a while first, whether legendarily 800,000 forbid soldier to teach an at the back to give support for them.The battle wears to have several dare the gun to do so ground the dispute Be getting more beyond the limit.Once secretary, you came first with me explain for a while.The red bean Chinese fir company illegally holds a gun to pay and accepts to lend money at high interest, you why not is their rope with the method?"Money is all-powerful, the red bean Chinese fir didn't know that showing filial obedience how much advantage to Gu general situation is long, therefore open eyes to shut an eye to them, this is all without exception already the secret that the person knows.

  • put up capital and askDatum21.09.2023 15:36
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Regeln

    Old Liao of body place storm center the slightest didn't become the self-conscious of star, the premiere be over made a phone call ice cloud to Su on that night and canned not found a person and have to go home to have a meal to take a shower a sleeping, it is a Mu to permit to pour blue fall two sisters to run into room to seek him, the air is very excited, also asked at that time many questions for taking movie.
    Holidays be over on January 2, the instauration has a class and combs a , shaves a clean beard and changes the clothes of set nattiness to go to school.
    The street corner meets red light, the parking waits for, flank street last someone called 1:"Liao learns a soldier!"Old Liao wishes:"Can't be call me?How can does someone know me?"Have not come yet and reaction, on the road 1210 pedestrians are both male and female, is old is little, turn head in succession in response to the way:"Ah calls me why?"
    Call people of is a green dress young girl, whole body circle of the feather Rong take and wear knit fabric Dou on the head hat.A thin man emitted out and blocked in her front to say:"Is I it Liao that learn a soldier and seek me to have what matter?"
    The young girl is shy with stranger to living ground to say:"You …… I not am call you ……"
    Have a strong man the Ju that crowded that thin person open, pushed his Lie all alone again:"I am Liao to learn a soldier!You have no a matter to gather together what noisy?"
    Followed many people to all drill out, the conflicting views ground said:"I am Liao to learn a soldier.""I am also Liao to learn a soldier.""I still Liao learn a soldier."
    Was all doing lazy job yesterday one whole day, didn't know a premiere naturally of fierce, finally the guess not and deeply related to among them, oddly the Chou Chou was that person who helps to is noisy into one regiment, needed red light to change green light, dynasty the school have been already gone.
    This all the way on, how wear so more break a ragged lousy divagation guitarist?Still have, facing the street broadcast in store of the song is quite good to listen to, seem Mu to permit ice of rain sing of, but why not only the store put, the broadcasting puts, is heavy screen in the market doorway also putting?Spread to this extent, the diva of ice rain the public appeal is indeed as expected outstanding.
    Arrive at a school, round a lot of students in carport, the outdoor north wind is just strong, their nose jelly is red but have no be afraid, each raise head with hope, have of take notebook in hand, have of still take to write "Liao learns a soldier, I love you" of horizontal.
    Chiu is big strange to beside drink to scold not only:"All have already had a class you to still stay to do what here?Don't hurry up Islam room again I your moral conduct the cent button up one naked.The campus being sacred allows of no to allow anyone to breach discipline!Wang Qi!What do you take the so greatly horizontal thing stem that writes the last dog dinner?Lay by quickly!The girls doesn't know to act with dignity 1:00 as well!Hasn't your parents taught you how to be good friends with good study?"Wish:"The dog Niang keeps ground, this must be kill Liao to learn the soldier intentionally bribes them to come to put on a show for the sake of the excellent teacher of election, too mean.Is too mean!However if be seen by the board of directors.It be a good attention.Liao learns a soldier still true he mama's ground be willing to put up capital and ask this to help the still difficult in attendance on student is than the big Ye, don't know to spend as well how much."
    Old Liao just parked the car, more than 100 students dashed up and blocked Chiu in front of them big strange drive crowded the east poured west slanting, imitate if strong breeze book weed for leading."You, what title do you make?"Chiu is big strange to fluster, almost drive crowded pour, treat instauration to come over.Discovered clothes being hanged uped to break, the palm was many several ways row a scar, there are still on the leg a few fresh footprints, can not help jumping feet to lambaste:"You unexpectedly dare not to respect teacher!Is too unbridled!"

  • very good-looking seeDatum21.09.2023 15:29
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Regeln

    Liao learns the old type several-storied building that the soldier comes out a red bean Chinese fir and makes a phone call for Mo Lao Wu:"Five Yes, the red bean Chinese fir company of the east city sunflower road is what background, can you give me the explaination explaination?"
    "How, do you also want to put several money and intend to rout a rival first?Red bean Chinese fir also for 1200 people, however the usury is an exorbitant profits profession, so they have a good material, on the way not too someone dare to ask for.This all doesn't calculate what.The so-called four greatest goldses just were four stupid goods.I need to turn over a palm to let their ash fly smoke to put out."Mo Lao Wu's tone is more and more a small cow handstand-marvelous blunt sky of.However with his influence, if as for words that isn't marvelous, under charge none of person agrees.
    "H'm, I hear what they still have an eldest brother of ……"
    "Is a ground, this is exactly that I want to say ground, the red bean Chinese fir contains an eldest brother and is called Lin Yu, is a desperado, isolate one-self 800,000 to forbid soldier to teach a head.Probably decade front but sweep medium sea, loudly be be of person.The broad sword killed at that time an ayuntamiento councilman's whole family at that time at the end of century, whole country vibrate, be afterwards pursued and arrested by the police, had been disappearing till now, didn't find out a person up to now."
    "That exterminates whole family murder case, I once read the news report, unexpectatively being the eldest brother of red bean Chinese fir at that time.No wonder that I mix afterwards black help have never listenned to this person's name.It originally and still is fleeing from home.Why doesn't the police tidy up a red bean Chinese fir?"
    Mo Lao Wu is immediately many the idea of showing off for several cents:"Red bean Chinese fir so big source of money, give the Gu dynasty the sun monthly up provide, is that old boy willing to give up to give up?Besides dragging along is so long, the case is some to conclude without concrete result.The bitter lord whole family dies is naked, also the nobody so work hard to request to severely punish a murderer.It is said that Lin Yu is still controling from a distance a red bean Chinese fir, who don't know that this not darned guy when will come back as well, anyway each other benefits don't violate, so the nobody moves them."
    Liao learns a soldier to gradually feel far from good, didn't appear for Lin Yu livelong eight years.Unexpectedly can prop up a red bean Chinese fir just with personal prestige the companies stand up like a forest in the mafia of in Ao in sea City sign so for a long time nobody to move them and stired up trouble to arrive in those early years situation to be imaginable how.Old Liao's university graduates behind just formally get into medium sea mafia, these old things of the past nobodies once lifted with him, oneself's mental derangement is 1, what to pursue is comfort and ease quite, can't even go to and understand to investigate on one's own initiative, until just know to originally have a lot of cow persons before him at this time.
    Consider again.Does Lao Tze still fear that he doesn't become?Having no news last eight years in river's lake was captured by the police.Ascend noose, the world had, even if the world didn't die who can make me frightened?Hence say with smile:"Calculate, don't talk this, what teach a head not to teach a ground.My a friend calls Su's round, live a purple wood ■road, lend money in the red bean Chinese fir, I just sought molar in the past strong sold a debt, you helped me very good-looking see, don't make the molar strong to take him to give vent to anger be."
    Speak of river lake legend, people always exaggerate its phrase, in the mind combine not exactly frightened, Mo Lao Wu's natureses can't put the escaped convict of eight year agos, either in the eye and say:"Like, your order, I do accordingly."
    The double tailpipe bombs a scorching hot black smoke, Liao learns a soldier to hang a telephone and says to the younger brother of south:"Send the action that the person keeps watch on a red bean Chinese fir, the molar exaction has what excrescent reaction, drag along him with the iron chain three streets.I go first to go to a movie, leaf small white with autumn if get out of the hospital, notified me 1."
    The making a phone call permits ice rain for Mu and just discovers that the premiere has been already ended.The fairy is used excited that the tone says:"The movie is very successful!Our effort didn't waste, did you hear, this is the voice of acclaim, everyone at call you, if nothing important importantly matter still at once come a , does none of them wish to leave."

  • very good-looking seeDatum21.09.2023 15:28
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Regeln

    Liao learns the old type several-storied building that the soldier comes out a red bean Chinese fir and makes a phone call for Mo Lao Wu:"Five Yes, the red bean Chinese fir company of the east city sunflower road is what background, can you give me the explaination explaination?"
    "How, do you also want to put several money and intend to rout a rival first?Red bean Chinese fir also for 1200 people, however the usury is an exorbitant profits profession, so they have a good material, on the way not too someone dare to ask for.This all doesn't calculate what.The so-called four greatest goldses just were four stupid goods.I need to turn over a palm to let their ash fly smoke to put out."Mo Lao Wu's tone is more and more a small cow handstand-marvelous blunt sky of.However with his influence, if as for words that isn't marvelous, under charge none of person agrees.
    "H'm, I hear what they still have an eldest brother of ……"
    "Is a ground, this is exactly that I want to say ground, the red bean Chinese fir contains an eldest brother and is called Lin Yu, is a desperado, isolate one-self 800,000 to forbid soldier to teach a head.Probably decade front but sweep medium sea, loudly be be of person.The broad sword killed at that time an ayuntamiento councilman's whole family at that time at the end of century, whole country vibrate, be afterwards pursued and arrested by the police, had been disappearing till now, didn't find out a person up to now."
    "That exterminates whole family murder case, I once read the news report, unexpectatively being the eldest brother of red bean Chinese fir at that time.No wonder that I mix afterwards black help have never listenned to this person's name.It originally and still is fleeing from home.Why doesn't the police tidy up a red bean Chinese fir?"
    Mo Lao Wu is immediately many the idea of showing off for several cents:"Red bean Chinese fir so big source of money, give the Gu dynasty the sun monthly up provide, is that old boy willing to give up to give up?Besides dragging along is so long, the case is some to conclude without concrete result.The bitter lord whole family dies is naked, also the nobody so work hard to request to severely punish a murderer.It is said that Lin Yu is still controling from a distance a red bean Chinese fir, who don't know that this not darned guy when will come back as well, anyway each other benefits don't violate, so the nobody moves them."
    Liao learns a soldier to gradually feel far from good, didn't appear for Lin Yu livelong eight years.Unexpectedly can prop up a red bean Chinese fir just with personal prestige the companies stand up like a forest in the mafia of in Ao in sea City sign so for a long time nobody to move them and stired up trouble to arrive in those early years situation to be imaginable how.Old Liao's university graduates behind just formally get into medium sea mafia, these old things of the past nobodies once lifted with him, oneself's mental derangement is 1, what to pursue is comfort and ease quite, can't even go to and understand to investigate on one's own initiative, until just know to originally have a lot of cow persons before him at this time.
    Consider again.Does Lao Tze still fear that he doesn't become?Having no news last eight years in river's lake was captured by the police.Ascend noose, the world had, even if the world didn't die who can make me frightened?Hence say with smile:"Calculate, don't talk this, what teach a head not to teach a ground.My a friend calls Su's round, live a purple wood ■road, lend money in the red bean Chinese fir, I just sought molar in the past strong sold a debt, you helped me very good-looking see, don't make the molar strong to take him to give vent to anger be."
    Speak of river lake legend, people always exaggerate its phrase, in the mind combine not exactly frightened, Mo Lao Wu's natureses can't put the escaped convict of eight year agos, either in the eye and say:"Like, your order, I do accordingly."
    The double tailpipe bombs a scorching hot black smoke, Liao learns a soldier to hang a telephone and says to the younger brother of south:"Send the action that the person keeps watch on a red bean Chinese fir, the molar exaction has what excrescent reaction, drag along him with the iron chain three streets.I go first to go to a movie, leaf small white with autumn if get out of the hospital, notified me 1."
    The making a phone call permits ice rain for Mu and just discovers that the premiere has been already ended.The fairy is used excited that the tone says:"The movie is very successful!Our effort didn't waste, did you hear, this is the voice of acclaim, everyone at call you, if nothing important importantly matter still at once come a , does none of them wish to leave."

  • father reigns of timeDatum21.11.2021 07:23
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Regeln

    "Is hesitant?Is this what mean?"The party set up east to sweep a few other companions one eye.Ask a way.
    "In fact, originally the occurrence matter like this for me is also very surprised.The secretary collects her to the ground today news to embrace to come over to let me see and make me shocked.Outside how pass on a message suddenly and so more?"
    "President, this affirmation is Wang Hou Hua to build power for his son.He supervisor's business section, the relationship with medium is very good.Letting the medium report according to their intention isn't a difficult matter."Public relations department minister expensive Fang one face smile idea ground to say.She is a women, and then have the advantage of age, so the time talked at will some, everyone can't feel, either what's wrong.
    "H'm.I am to think so."Tang Guo nods.
    "However these are of no account.Importance of BE.I while weighing this kind of result the Tang's gains or losses.If I promise to associate with rich brocade king, will can't make the group dynasty an I expect of, with accuracy does the direction drive?Everyone also saw, the group appeared many out of harmony voices recently, although I make every effort the feeling of considering the other people, can still keep feeling to lack the ability to do."If, I am to say if, I settle down with rich brocade king's ground relation, group meeting can't more of harmony is unified.Everyone dint dynasty does one make?Is total to now want toward the circumstances than me strong ascend a lot.Is each to think?"
    Tang Guo's in the mind laughs behind one's backs, the relation is an establishment at own the foundation of common benefits.
    Someone's place has the river the lake.Father at, that faction of father's this faction and Wang Hou Hua often conflict, however the father's power is big, Wang Hou Hua works still very know proper restraint.Everyone gets along with to pour to also live together peacefully.
    Can the father suddenly appear an accident, oneself takes charge of the group of counting 10,000,000,000 properties by 20 successful in career ages.Not only only is a that factional heart of Wang Hou Hua to living disaffection, even if and originally be loyal to father's ground these people also keep to hesitate an attitude.
    This is frequently also Tang Guo to meet the proposal that will ascend in the board of directors or the group leadership drive Wang Hou Hua to stir yellow reason.He has a help to be loyal to him of hatchet man, but oneself this place equal to few person in the Gu house.How can resist they?
    If not that the finance department makes every effort a match, Tang Guo gets into Tang Shi Hou's a few investments to basically have no way success.
    Tang Guo has already wished to draw together these people.Can have been having no opportunity.Just rich brocade king pays address to he such a chance.
    They are frightened.It is frightened that oneself and rich brocade kings combine.Because words like this, Wang Hou Hua is necessarily certainly big.Be used as at first was loyal to their affirmation of father's ground will be pared power by Wang Hou Hua.
    Now their coming over to force their they is an answer for , oneself again He Chang not is want to make them promise to do-it-yourself 1?
    These people have to control in the oneself's hand.And the speed has to be quick.She goes under impatient etc..
    "President, so not satisfactory.You think that rich brocade king just came back from the abroad, why Ji president Yu-----I say so not whether personal magic power that settles a president, but feel him having another diagram."
    "Yes president, the Gu minister says of to.You think, if you married to go into Wang Jia, this Tang is still the Tang?Soon willing change name to call Wang Shi is afraid."
    "President, the wolf sub- greed of rich brocade king, you have to recognize to know his despicable looks."
    "President.Want president Tang Lao, if does he know that how to think today's business meeting?"
    Public seven mouths eight give up of advise, Tang Guo Lian's facial expression is uncertain hesitant, like a dilemma.But the in the mind joy bloomed.
    "President, in fact, your father reigns of time .And board director Wang Fu ground relation always on bed terms.Because we the ground help, Wang Fu Dong has never begged for as well what cheapness.On the decision of group graveness, be still president Tang Lao one speech decision.Now, president Tang Lao has peace of mind to convalesce, our nature will lend support to your ground with all strength work."The party set up east to see one eye Tang Guo, make a noise to declare a way.
    Tang Guo's in the mind a surprised, lift the eye sees past to the party minister and sees him lightly nod to he, this just lets go of heart.
    A person takes the lead.Other persons knew how to do naturally.
    "President, the personnel department will definitely match with the president's work with all strength as well."
    "We public relations department is also."

  • Form a circlet sonDatum21.11.2021 07:15
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Regeln

    Mary early morning ground embrace so a lot of greatly report small report ground of the news entered the time of president Tang's office, the calf still had some falsely.Afraid is Tang Dong sees these news don't grieve can not.
    Tang Guo took a rest last night very good, the Tang although Xing Tang, when she wants to wholeheartedly integrate, discovered that the bar is layer after layer.Was very not easy to wait until a chance now, want to well make use of naturally some kind of.
    "President, this is the news that you gave an account to make me collect yesterday."Mary gingerly puts newspaper on the table.
    "H'm."Tang Guo lets go of water cup and starts to browse this a lot of newspaper.
    Mary is an employable secretary, turned over each newspaper to relevant Tang Guo and rich brocade king's news' page, could save many time for Tang Guo like this.
    Fall needle in house can smell, Mary stands on the part and wait for Tang Guo once reading the thunderbolt of news empress great anger.
    Unexpectedly Mary anticipates of the storm didn't appear, but this young president is to more see facial expression more dulcify,she has never noticed to those ends that have no good small report to marry first Yun, receive the son marries of the wordses of type?
    "President, we want don't -deliver a pronouncement to the medium?"The Mary small voice reminds a way.
    She is also Tang Bu Yi is regarded highly by Tang Guo for development ground talented person of Tang Guo, although being Tang Guo's full-time secretary,cannot comparing with thunder-storm that sort.And, now Tang Guo's seeming to have intention to is investigating her, regardless is ability or loyalty, she has to have a good performance, so but again some words have to say, not ability too much at will.
    "Give out sound clearly?"Tang Guo raises head and shakes head a way:"Need not.We again etc., must sink ground to live spirit.If there is demand, I also match with rich brocade king to play a drama.Those people should sit not to live quickly?"
    Is similar to what Tang Guo anticipated, that afternoon, Tang Guo is seeing group for whole yearses of financial report, a group of persons entered Tang Guo's office.
    The finance department minister party sets up an east, public relations department minister the expensive Fang and the personnel department minister Gu shine on strong, the group outside unite a minister Yang soldier Wei and still have a few general managers of group subordinate companies, everyone mutually invite since then, well enough big in Tang Guo's office, can accept several people to come over to come together a conference.
    Tang Guo understands their purposes naturally and passionately stands up, sets up for appearance with interrogative look and says with a smile:"Just secretary's set makes a phone call and says that you want to come over together.Can be frightened to death I, also think the Tang's what wonderful important event.Uncle Dang, we are in the office chat still go to anteroom?"
    Finance department minister is one man about 50 years old, the shape is tiny fat, the facial expression is serious, Tang Bu Yi's old subordinate, have a prestige at very the Tang, because the salaries in every month is BE led by him to issue, be been called a God of Wealth by employee the Tang's drama.
    So, Tang Guo would especially the idea inquire his opinion.
    "Talk here good."The party sets up the east have no facial expression ground say.
    "That is each and then Pleases sit down.Mary.Make tea."Tang Guo invites a group of persons to get to office a part ground sofa to sit in seat of honor bottom.
    "Uncle Dang.What matter do you come to seek me to have?"Tang Guo sits on the party to set up east opposite.Thus the aspect communicates.It was public to also all sit down.Form a circlet son.
    A group of persons each other to saw one eye.It is still set up east by party to speak first.
    "President.Is original this is you ground private affairs.We should not interfere with, either.Can all of us are you father's ground old subordinate.Is that he lifts to pull out ground all alone.Can say.There is no your father.Have no us ground everyone is at.Being a person has to know to know that the boon hopes to repay.Although your father still lies on the sickbed now.Can we can not forget, either at first he to our these people ground advantage."
    "Today is that we exceeded.I represent first ground everyone at the way is toward the president Qian.But these words suppress in our in the mind.Still need to come up to talk with president."The party sets up east to in earnest looking at Tang Guo.Ask a way:"President to son Wang Fu Dong rich brocade king ground how to see matter?"
    "?"Tang Guo intentionally sets up for very in astonishment a facial expression.Say:"It is this matter.Just heard uncle Dang saying that the ground is so serious.I think what important event.In fact.

  • the most beautifulDatum21.11.2021 07:08
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Regeln

    The thunder-storm also slowly lays up smiling face.In earnest consider Tang Guo to do so intention.As one get dint assistant, most importantly want to diligently keep up with leadership ground way of thinking.It is a failure ground otherwise.
    Zhang Zhan also heard the rumours that rich brocade king pay address toward Tang Guo, the in the mind banded together a ground of dying to live.
    He and leaf autumn at enmity with, originally still think an opportunity to seek Dou to across him.Can if Tang Guo accepted rich brocade king's courtship, so the seat of president Tang Guo will stabilize more.The autumn of the leaf is what Tang Dong lifts to pull out all alone, oneself hereafter still use what and his Dou?
    Even if believe that the sow can ascend a tree, Zhang Zhan can not also believe that the leaf can have with president Tang for autumn what super comity of near concern.
    All people all have no leaf the autumn is dish vegetables, just feel he is control breath super well the boy is just.
    The discussion voice like this spread to a leaf for autumn naturally of ear inside.But he ignores completely.Still devote one's mind but in earnest is oneself ground work.
    Reinforce, reinforce.Constantly reinforce, until become the Tang impregnable fortress, there is no surveillance blind spot.
    After Lyu Biao makes collective report completion of work to make to go out, the leaf autumn just started to carry table ground pure tea, the cellular phone in the pocket has been already rung.
    "Feed, winter son, have what matter?"The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
    "Is the autumn of the leaf working?"The Ran clear and crisp voice spreads winter night.
    "H'm.Is just right to have a little a son spare time time."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
    "Hey Hey, God knows that I want to make a phone call for you and exclusively reserved time for me."The Ran self-satisfiedly smiled very much winter night.
    The autumn of the leaf originally meant to say he or she not to believe god's of, but thought of Christmas that evening she devoted one's minded while making a wish of appearance, hurriedly suppressed to return to.
    "What matter?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
    "Hum, your this person really has no sentimental appeal.Did the somebody else missed you to thought to say not to go with you?Is all right, that I made a long story short.Because the first album sells of quite good, for expressing appreciation a fan, the company prepares to make a label to sell an activity.The representative director of company makes me ask you, don't also is the on the spot bright mutually?He says if have you at, the effect will be better."
    Ran winter night the ground is orotund in be full of a happy composition, think to he has no little lift a hand to in this matter.
    Ye Qiu wanted to think, or refused and said:"Winter son, I am afraid when the time comes me to have no time.Will be very busy for these several days."
    "So?"Ran the voice winter night a while Yan."I know to is this result."
    The autumn of the leaf also some remaining hearts cant not bear to, say:"The label sells will where hold?"
    "New world square."
    "New world square?Where leave me to go to work a ground of place very near.Winter son, not and so, you tell me time, I go over and have a look when the time comes.Doing not walk before appearing on stage is seen by the medium arrive not good."The leaf autumn comforter says.
    "Hum, have what not and well?They love how to write how write, we deny have to not?"Ran the voice winter night again float in the sky, although the leaf autumn would not like to walk to before the set, can go to the spot, her in the mind also felt very contented.
    Be in love medium ground female kid be so, regardless do anything, all hope that the oneself beloved man can participate in.She will also come out she's a the most beautiful noodles demonstration.
    After Ran Dong Ye told the leaf the label to sell it of meeting for autumn to is 9:00 A.M. of two days empress, 2 people again chat several, this just hanged a telephone.Ran winter night one cannon but red, is also become big favour person.The whole whole country flies around, various contract also constantly seeks to come and also had no too many time to come over to stick to a leaf an autumn.Although Tang Guo didn't accept the interview of medium, medium still big 4 groundses stir-fry to make.On the second day, the amusement masthead of each big newspapers are all newses that rich brocade king pays address toward Tang Guo.
    "The bead allied wall matches, Wang Hou Hua's son pays address to the president of beauty-"
    "The Tang's group beauty president's famous courtesan contains lord, originally the son of group pair president-

  • stay by the sideDatum21.11.2021 07:03
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    "Is polite what?We hereafter make contact with and the rise for a ground of time."
    The result of talks is very satisfied, the leaf autumn passes the detailed list that he or she apply for to purchase in the past, section chief piece saw 1 time, soon criticize to reply.The autumn of the leaf come of time, Huang Ying still reminds he, finance department to the expenditure of each section with the degree examine very strictly, may let to cut one partial amount of money, having never thought will be so smooth.
    Leaf autumn elevator ground time.At the right moment meet Zhang Zhan and his girl friend to come over.The woman who wore sexy and red windbreaker last time thoroughly makes only superficial change today, a face ivory cuts the occupation suit of matching the body and curls hair dish to peep out a clean forehead on the head.On the face simple attire, OL ground in an office dresses up.Black thin Gao Gen, black net sock, very sexy.
    See a leaf for autumn from the elevator in come out, Zhang Zhan Leng humed a , then the Ye wore a woman ground to entered elevator.The woman saw leaf's one eye for autumn, then again
    Nightmare such as floral of changed direction Zhang Zhan.
    See he proud earth's surface feeling, does his girl friend also want to the Tang to go to work?
    Shook to shake head, these wasn't the business of him.
    Tang Guo Han the face walk to the office.The small face is photogenic is knotted layer ice.The assistant thunder-storm and secretary Mary follows behind in quick time, a left a rightly hug her.
    Push away luxurious office ground of oneself door, Tang Guo indignantly clips the document in the hand to hit on the table and start to carry tea son of tea and drinks infuse one spirit after, in the mind ground wrath just be suppressed some."You said, Wang Dong why want so persistence ground the proposal that answer criticism me?Have to him what advantage?"Tang Guo looking at thunder-storm to ask a way.
    The thunder-storm deliberates reason, but have no immediately openings answer.Today's few important leaderships meet a meeting, Tang Guo's proposal encounters Wang Hou Hua's objection, 2 people the lips gun tongue sword the ground fought very for a while.Tang Guo's two proposals didn't pass.The subject finally has to put off.
    "May be the benefits that Wang Dong feels this damage arriving him.Open a source chemical engineering after all before had been being his person be being responsible for, Tang Dong put forward in the chemical engineering factory to in great quantities promote to appoint a young staff, oneself is a kind of change to of the cent right acts.But in response to university student elite the talented person foster a plan----This I not clear why is he opposing.Although previous president Wang Fu has intention to see branching with Tang Dong,still keeps keeping principle ground on the work.Today, the atmosphere is a bit weird."
    The young men all easily excite, Tang Guo also no longer got angry after calming down and started cutting and polishing hanging of inside machine.
    Thunder-storm and Mary silently the voice backed out.While being about to work.An office secretary held a Cu Lily to come over and said:"Thunder assistant.This is what Wang Dong's secretary delivers.Want to send to Tang Dong."
    Tang Guo is also a full face to puzzle after receiving a flower, is this what mean?And oneself Dou an empress, then again send flower to apologize?But also have no a necessity to send a Lily?
    When see arrive then in the label of fall a style after, Tang Guo a while suddenly and greatly take charge of.Hum, this old fox, it are that a dozen of grounds are wishful thinking to pour.
    Rich brocade king pursues the news of group president Tang Guo not to know a quilt who spread to go out, a while the people of this world all know.The population devolution of not only only Tang's employee even connects to the sense of smell intelligent media reporters to all find out news and runs to the Tang to stay by the side to scoop out news.
    This tidbits imitates a Buddha is one needle super big the excitement for measuring help, everybody with excited look the speaking about write.The son of group a board director pursues the tallest representative director of group,is this it remaining of the work that bestly talk a property?
    Anyway, all of rich brocade kings are the first person who eats crabs, this kind of Yong in try a ground of spirit Be worth lauding.
    Previously, can no one think that he or she entitles to pursue Tang Guo, one owns a city value more than 48,000,000,000 China currency a huge sum of wealths beautiful woman.
    Even if the appearance that neglects her, only want her forehead up of that is giddily long string of to let number ground number can setback the men self-confidence.

  • so wide for spreadDatum21.11.2021 06:59
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    wait for the father's answer.He knows that should understand oneself to do so a ground of beneficial place with the father's intelligence.
    Indeed as expected, rich brocade king is suddenly straight body, the applause ground looking at a son.Say with a smile:"Since decide of matter, make an effort to do.You young man ground feeling love I don't participate as well, each with skill.I will support you with all strength."
    Rich brocade king says with a smile:"Daddy.I am to come to want what you support.You refuse to budge so with her all day long, I have heart to make track for, also not necessarily so will the somebody else give us good facial expression to see?Want to be not, the your relationship with her is slow a slow?"
    Wang Hou Hua shakes head and says:"Son, this aspect you are still delicate.I tell you, I more force her, you the ground successfully hope that the meeting is more high."
    Rich brocade king wanted to think, one face surprise the ground say:"Is indeed as expected oldly hot.I am getting more understand.Old daddy.This matter all of me please
    .This can relate to my for life happiness, you can to the utmost order son heart.You trust, I can't changed you to the new secretary's business to tell old mama again."
    "Smelly boy runs to threaten me?"
    "Do not dare.Daddy, can having the further news provide?"Rich brocade king smiles the ground of Xi Xi to ask a way.Secretly, the his relationship with father is very quite good.
    "10:00 will open a board director to meet a meeting.You can pass by at 10:30."
    "It is understand."Rich brocade king gets time of assurance, a face smiles idea ground to walk out.
    "Remember to report a ground of matter son to the business section."Wang Hou Hua gives repeated advice to a way in the behind.
    Finance department is in the Tang's 15th floors in the mansion, this is the group center of earth dirty section, is also most close to a president ground mansion.The finance department is promoted at first by Tang Bu Yi of the confident controls all alone.This is also Tang Guo to get into the Tang to quickly develop the reason of a series of work.
    Money doesn't use to doubt to the person's ground importance, you are also a superman to buy a pants set proves in the outside you's ground identity be not?
    The autumn of the leaf was taken person to check fire fight ground to lead the 15th floors for time at first, knew this whole site that the floor was all finance department and to the utmost showed wealth atmosphere thick true colors.
    When the autumn of the leaf knocked to open the room door of accounting the wealth section, one wore a beautiful girl of black uniform ground son uprising, ask a way:"How are you, which do you seek?"
    "I am Anne to protect a ground leaf autumn.Come to Anne who apply for this year to protect budget, should by whom be responsible for?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
    ".You are the leaf's autumn."Girl son surprise the ground call a way.
    "It is me."The leaf autumn wry smile writes to nod.
    The original other people say that they are a man of the hours of group, he still doesn't believe.He was to believe now.While seeming everybody to hear his name.Will peep out so and in astonishment a facial expression.
    In fact mainly still leaf the autumn is to the cognition shortage of the he or she post promoted.The Tang is very abundant in preparing and planning human resource, a position will have spare quite a few.And rise one class each time, treatment will the liberal quite a few is doubly.Some person's cooks just have a promoted ground opportunity for several years.
    Anne protects vice- director, Zhang Zhan, of department to even if have tough backstage, must also start to do from a common bodyguard.Just getting stripe speed is quickly some, but has already let a person Cha tongue.Be like a leaf for autumn this kind of connecting to rise six classes are also ends to have before the groups, so wide for spread.
    But of so spread so quickly, also have reason be, someone says that the leaf is the person of new appointee president for autumn, 2 people relate to closely.To know regardless all of the company, the grapevine concerning leadership is that the dissemination is most widely quickest.So the leaf autumn became the Tang's celebrity.
    ".Section chief piece is responsible for this.Please follow me."Girl's son also knows his/her own facial expression too much concussion, the apology ground smiles and did an invitation ground signal.
    The autumn of the leaf followed her to once wear one to transact area and walked to knock to knock on door to the front of an office, in spread to go forward a ground of orotund after, girl's son went in to make collective report 1.See shape emaciated, wear to have no frame glasses ground a man to come out to greet.
    "Leaf's director?You good how are you.It is long heard of your great reputation."Section chief piece passionately and leaf the autumn shake hands.

  • the ground smileDatum21.11.2021 06:55
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    Rich brocade king so on saying, the talented person who stand at the leaf autumn nearby knows, originally in front's looking here woodenheaded guy is Anne who was legendary to connect to rise six classes to break the Tang to promote rule ground to protect a director, leaf, for autumn.Those two young female kids who just still spoke of her embarrassedly smiled and ashamedly once turned a face to go.
    "With you compare bad far."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile."They all just at discuss you."
    "Discuss me what?"The one face of rich brocade king smiles idea ground to ask a way and conjecture a leaf very in earnest autumn.It is said that.This man is her confident.
    "The discussion is that that woman is so lucky, can get your close Mei."The autumn of the leaf is also same to be conjecturing rich brocade king.True mean person is very and easily deal with, smile the hypocrite of inside knife but make people have a headache very much.
    "Ha ha, this problem very quick everyone knew."Rich brocade king roars with laughter ground to say.
    The elevator arrives a station, rich brocade king sits ascend to the elevator of group headquarters, the leaf autumn looking at his grounds figure to contemplate.
    The Lily is Tang Guo to like most of flower, he wants to pursue of is the woman Tang Guo?
    Wang Hou Hua is a group second shareholder, is also the vice- president of group, descend govern the Tang's business section in Asia and greatly expand department two vital part sections.He is to follow Tang Bu Yi to beat river's mountain together, before Tang Bu Yi's end can get helping of Lin Jia, the resources concerning government is always been providing by him.
    The Tang of ex- expect to develop with him and have closely a relation, it is the minister of having a great achievement of group to calculate up.This is also that he gets into the Tang to serve as a board of directors to the arrangement Tang Guo of Tang Bu Yi chairman dissatisfiedly reason.In his in the mind, line up generation according to the quality, should also round to oneself is just right.
    In the group 13th floors, his office's this floor is a number that avoids as taboo very much in the west.But he is to like very much, or, he combines the thing that can't be subjected to these to take to have the factor of Xuan Huan and religious color influence.
    Without restraint.No matter is work or is a person.This is also the key that he can walk this position till today.This world, you are more you to return to matter son and also haven't results to show for more possible matter.
    So, the time that at the beginning chooses office, he chose 13 this numbers on his own initiative.Because he knows that other board directors can't like.
    Also positive because he of this kind of do style, his popularity is unexpectedly very quite good.And those inferiorities also give up hope Ta ground to him, let Tang Guo of getting into the Tang just raise a step only Jian.On deciding of some gravenesseses, acquisition get of support vote didn't°yet his many, sometimes still have to depend the biggest position of shareholder to compulsorily promote.
    Tang Guo also knows also at the right moment falling into Wang Hou Hua's trap so.Because time is getting longer, own prestige will be all gone.Or, have him at, oneself forever all hard establishment prestige.
    Wang Hou Hua just while seeing the contract first draft that the secretary drafts in office, outside rang out to knock on door a voice.
    "Come in."Wang Hou Hua shouts a way.He knows, if other persons see around, secretary set affirmation will make a phone call to come over a report.Can directly hurtle to oneself doorway, secretary's but again has never made a phone call to come over to make collective report of, affirmation is his/her own baby, son, Wang Jin Xiu, , .
    Rich brocade king's a hand pushes door but goes into, the bosom holds that big Cu Lily.Say:"Daddy, and then changed a secretary?Did you know for not afraid my mama it's jealous?"
    Wang Hou Hua ha ha the ground smile.Say:"Eat what vinegar.All need for the sake of the work."
    Swept 1 that to hold bulb of lily.Lifted to lift a bridge top ground glasses.Smile to ask a way:"How?Haven't formally come to companies to report.Have already made selection a target?"
    "Yes.Early choose.Before have some to shrink at the sight of it.However determined confidence just now."Rich brocade king says with a smile.
    "?"Wang Hou Hua is interested inly greatly an appearance."Has the Tang inside still already made you shrink at the sight of it a ground of women?"
    "Have.Only 1."Rich brocade king nods.
    "Tang Guo?"The Wang Hou Hua's face last smiling face solidified.
    "The old daddy is astute."Rich brocade king's cachinnation."How?I give you the daughter-in-law of the choice quite good?"
    Wang Hou Hua ponders not to talk, the body is soft to lean on an owner of chair up, weigh rich brocade king to do a ground of gain and loss like this.

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    Teacher simultaneously presses Xiang bottom ground the Tao guy Tao travelling expenses, part tell a smelly and long story for him.The gist is your dad be killed, your mama committed suicide, I go to night one step, can save to return you from bad people, your personal enemy is who who who, or say that he has what characteristics, go to kid, kill people pay with life, blood debt blood Chang.
    Then once two legs stare, hang.
    Those author true his mamas are malicious, for letting the leading role didn't lead long don't hang, always those for the sake of leading role Qing exert the old man son old woman of all strenuous efforts to write to hang.The somebody else is on the hoof and can not eat how many catties of rice, why the need for?
    The old headman of oneself's house didn't not only die, but also live ground very good.Also positive as it does, he while giving an account some tasks, always say the ground is unclear not pure, let leaf cloud for autumn in fog, with play hide-and-seek.
    One isn't well acquainted with but again warm words.He has never seen, the person who have never shouted as well, but see arrive nearby naturally starts to shout this time, and the taste of in the mind is afraid to is oneself to only understand.
    It is the whole, will uncover to be fond of bottom today.
    When the car gets into downtown in the Yan city, the leaf autumn connected her telephone through the number that the violet stays.Wait until a telephone after there being started to connect, the leaf autumn says:"River Yan is purple, I want to see you."
    The telephone is there long long the ground is silent, even the breath voices can not smell.The autumn of the leaf had some to regret, should call her violet , after waiting until to cheat out her, invites her again to tell her owns the business concerning parents.The long time didn't steep a girl and cheated the female kid's ability all is descending.
    Think in the leaf autumn affirmative want to suffer the time of brush-off, words tube in but spread river Yan purple deep and lowly voice.
    "9:00.The Xuan Yuan meets."
    Xuan Yuan meeting?
    Leaf autumn Leng Leng, just think of oneself basically don't know Xuan Yuan where will.
    Wanted to make a telephone call again to ask violet in the past, but thought of just her long ground of silent at the precinct chief of telephone and as if from the grave in send out of Sen cold voice, still keep canceling this mind.
    Ye Qiu wanted to think and dialed the telephone that the fee soars.He mixed in Si in the Yan city for several years so, should know this Xuan Yuan will at where.
    "Is the leaf little, occupy to order?"The fee soars greatly voice to spread.The autumn of the leaf doesn't like that he calls he as lord son, so he also follows other persons to call the leaf is little.
    "The affair handles of how?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
    The crystal temple that soared in the fee last time in, oneself directed a bushy beard will 6,000 gave to tie up to throw to become one cachinnation handle of upper-class society in the Yan city in the avenue.For see face such as life of the big household to say, don't do some backstrokes action affirmation is an abnormality.
    "Am I just wanting to make collective report this matter toward the little leaf.Their backstrokes combine to be different from me to think so relentless and just seek to lend to confiscate and seal a crystal temple."
    "Is the crystal temple confiscated and sealed?"
    "Yes.However, what does a crystal temple calculate?Compare with with six faces that throw to lose, basically unbearable a lift.Confiscated and sealed a crystal temple, my ability opened another 1 again.The face threw, can be not so easily can beg for to return to.The leaf is little, I feel, six stayed successor this time."The fee soared to lay up smiling face and said very in earnest.
    "You notice.They perhaps also have successor.Check several Yans this person for me moreover."
    "How many is Yan?The cousin of Yan pleasant breeze?"
    ".Do you know him?"The guess of leaf autumn indeed as expected became reality, are Yan a few relationship with Yan pleasant breezes still not shallow.
    "Just have to hear.He at locally time is few.Have never got in touch with."The fee soars to explain to say.
    Ye Qiu once hears they just come back from the abroad and would not like to entwine on this problem, either.Haven't led any contact to 2 people of now after all.Turn to go into a positive to ask a way:"Had to once hear Xuan Yuan meeting?"
    "Xuan Yuan meeting?How?Is the leaf little to want to play in the past?That is a good place."
    ".Do you know?Tonight 9:00, my had to go."
    The fee soared to want to think and said:"I the clock drive to pick up leaf at 8:30 little."
    The color of the sky in winter blackly and very early, just at 6:00 many clocks, the sky drew back the act cloth that the ash receives, on the street also the lights is bright.

  • anyway wantsDatum20.11.2021 14:22
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    Leaf autumn guess ground right, the Teng Yi is really Teng surname in the Yan city parties of a daughter of leading figure.But Teng Yi of so say an I've long been looking forward to meeting you leaf the autumn name isn't the of Yan city, but of Su Hang's bodyguard son-in-law.The Teng Yi has been going into business in the circumlittoral city and has the big department time to live in Hong Kong, didn't understand to the business of Yan city how much.
    After waiting until a shell gram a loose leave-taking, the leaf autumn also puts forward to occupy to return to processing in the Yan city.Chen Mu is unwilling to part, say that did the one family just just have reunited rice, how wanted again hasty leave.And wise also the wine come to get up and hear that the leaf autumn wants to walk, it is in every possible way to request also to stay.Or Chen Mo Nong's help seek lend, leaf autumn just can leave.
    The car just ascended the Yan Su's superhighway.See wait Han You in the street corner to traverse.
    The autumn of the leaf traverses car to nearby come to a stop at Han You, presses a car window and says with a smile:"It is young to traverse good fascination.Chinese New Year's Day of, run to come to appreciate scenery to here."
    Han You traverses to pass in the past a smoke and helped a leaf to spark for autumn, oneself also sparked an empress.Just say with a smile:"The noon has to arrive news and say to is that the leaf returned less Su Hang.Have already led noon at that time, also ashamed bother a leaf little had a reunion with family.Originally want to visit in the afternoon, and then hear the shell gram is loose past.You know, we ground relation----Be different from Su Hang in past now four little of time .So, can wait for a leaf here little, directly do obeisance to also have a some sincerity for a year."
    "Thank."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.Although know that Han You traverses to do so to not necessarily come from this heart, he can the form is this carriage, still keep making people delighted very much.In the conflict of oneself and the Yan pleasant breeze.Any strength is all very important for oneself.
    Vomited smoke, say:"There is Guo Cheng that shine on a ground of news?"
    "His lucky, be connected spirited to send to the United States.I am an after the event to just get of news.Sent a person to seek him in the past.But have no an opportunity to begin.Connect the spirited helped him to contact with Guo Cheng Yang's old department before, be subjected to their protection now.Over there, they the geography dint still keep standing the earth.We can not send too many people again past, can opportunity to wait for."Han You traverses to sorrily say.
    He holds tight a vital part Dou ground this time every family Guo break a person to forget, thoroughly the Hang power satge disappears from Su.Was regarded as to ruthlessly win one Chang.Ran a key person Guo Cheng shine on, always disaster.
    "Is awake he ground trend."The autumn of the leaf says."He necessarily will think the way still has what Chen Jia revenge to you.I don't care how you cope with, but want to promise family's safety."
    "Stop worrying.I will keep in mind."Han You traverses to nod to say.
    "Happy new year."The autumn of the leaf would burn the cigarette of half to flick go open to and towarded Han You Ling to after flicking wave hand launch car.
    Chinese New Year period.The car of high-speed road is very few, the leaf autumn displays his/her own car skill with all strength, whitely the son of east is like a silver evil spirit, all the way crazy Mao.
    The autumn of the leaf eager to return home.
    Leaf autumn the last night listenned to the old headman be said from the violet where know he or she's father's news, think immediately to seek her in the past.But yesterday was Lunar New Year's Eve, the violet perhaps also wanted to have a reunion with family.Oneself even if again hasty, also want again wait a minute.
    Morning also thinks to be past, but want to visit the old man whom those old headmans once gave an account again.According to China country ground rules, afternoon to make New Year's visit for person is the matter that doesn't respect.It is special to those important persons.Is also extremely don't respect.
    The original plan anyway wants to seek her in the afternoon, the but again received a Chen Mo Nong father but wise telephone, have to again postpone time.
    The autumn of the leaf has been thinking that he or she is an orphan.
    Certainly, he is also really an orphan.Because he have no the father have no mother.Even if have, he has never seen as well.
    But, the old headman says that he is to have a father.And the meaning in the words, in seem to be still to conceal a lot of secrets.
    The old headman has never spoken the business concerning parents for oneself, he even doesn't speak anything for he.This and leaf the autumn once saw of the novel about swordsmens are different, because of those novel in.The leading role is taking leave teacher ground for time.

  • in the heartDatum20.11.2021 14:17
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    Have again Japan the innumerable woman and minority of inauguration females of Euro-American method virtuous etc. countries pass network or other outlets of long range instruction and education, the leaf autumn has already had taking off of quality to change.
    Japan the generation learned a small spring hat of master west to once say:Man, the Yao is dressed in clothes more than money.Want Yao, strip naked bigger than bird.
    Ye Qiu feels that if come back primitive society.Everyone takes off ground very bare and very the walking of post-modernism is on the road, he must be the king of 100 birds.
    Ye Qiu knows that lie prone on woman in addition to working hard to rush and swerve about madly, also want to hard touch her ground, the chicken orders.H'm, this thing to the woman is very desperately.If if the words held out for long time will make them have the felling to urinate.
    This is the so-called female to shoot Jing.Certainly.The general woman can't realize.
    Love her, make her urinate.
    The autumn of the leaf follows this sentence, is making great effort so dry ground of time, but the doorway suddenly rang out a knocking on door of Dong Dong voice.
    "The autumn of the leaf sees the Mo being getting thicker?"The voice that outside rings out a mother-in-law in the door.
    Could you don't see?BE pressing under the body.Ye Qiu thinks a way.
    Lowered the head to see one eye because previous high tide but the facial expression become a ground of rosy, legs Gao highland lifts, 2 people's private parts returns drive a strong and toughly the object link together and bite in mouth the pillow don't let Chen Mo Nong whom oneself produces a sound, say:"See.Aunt.What matter?"
    "Where?Is the shell gram loose to come over to make New Year's visit, your uncle is getting lyinger paralyzed by drink, must come out personal under the entertainment."Chen Mu says.
    "Okay.The Mo was thick to seem a behind.I now seek her, then we are together past."The autumn of the leaf promises to say.
    After the step voice that waits until Chen Mu far goes, Chen Mo Nong just breath a sigh of relief and softly lie at bed up.Just she is a body to tightly collapse, the hearts all hanged a throat eye.
    "The person of the visitor, we hurry son be over."Ye Qiu says, sped to sprint of speed and strength.
    "----"Chen Mo Nong suffers to suddenly assault and shouted loudly an after, hurriedly again give°ed the pillow to fill into mouth inside.
    Wait until a leaf for a time for going out for autumn and Chen Mo Nong .Her legs all beat to float.Starting to walk road to come is very careful, is like that the kid who unsteadily learns a step fears to trip and fall down.
    In succession high tide exhaustion the energy of her whole body, see a leaf for autumn steal to smile in a side, ruthlessly stared his one eye.
    "The leaf is little, disappear for several days, the elegant appearance remainses.The Mo is thick, happy new year, the source of money widely enters.Chen Shi is Su this year the black horse of person's eyeball is most attracted to the Hang commercial circles, source of money's widely entering ground to wish a phrase is in fact a sign?If the Chen Shi underneath industry has the plan to become available in the market.Can get to advance to receive for my dozen voice."The shell gram is loose to be brand-newly dressed in western dress, a face smiles an idea to say lucky words.
    Nearby stand a beauty with outstanding qualities, lovely stand on the shell gram loose nearby.The positive Rao has fascination ground to conjecture a leaf autumn and Chen Mo Nong.
    Did the Hang persons of Su all pass on a message Chen Jia to seek a bodyguard to be a son-in-law,was at present this man?It is a bodyguard to look qualities to be different from.
    "Ha ha, the shell is little to be getting more polite.You also happy new year.This BE?"The autumn of the leaf points at a shell gram the woman who is nearby loose to say.
    Although there has been answer in the heart,still needs to ask for a while.If hastily calling is wrong, that but let person's joke.
    "Teng Yi.My end marries wife."The shell gram is loose to pull a woman ground to say."Wish a leaf little today affirmation will return to Su Hang, so take Teng Yi to come over to make New Year's visit.Unexpectedly still really rush through a rightness."Teng the surname isn't Su Hang's eminent family to hope a clan, pour is that there is one big faction in Yan city with Xing Teng of is head.The shell gram is loose to climb ascend that argosy?
    The autumn of the leaf inwardly guesses.Wish.Hereafter still want to loosen to make a good relation with shell gram.
    The autumn of the leaf stretches hand and the Teng Yi held handshake and said with a smile:"The shell has much of less taste."
    "The leaf is little to be getting more polite.My pouring is an I've long been looking forward to meeting you leaf little name."The Teng Yi says with a smile.

  • incapable personDatum20.11.2021 14:13
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Regeln

    2 people could not controled feelings ground to start to talk about that this has some depressive topics again.The heart also again feels that that departure brings a ground of sorrow.
    "I am about to return to in the afternoon."The head of leaf autumn leans on Chen Mo Nong softly shoulders, say in the her ear side.Chen Mo Nong's ear is fine lovely.It is like transparent general.The white jade is tiny and red, ask for a person to love more.There is small pinprick, but didn't wear any decoration."Is so quick?"Chen Mo Nong is surprised to exhale a voice.This sentence exposed her mood a while.
    The autumn of the leaf has never thought Chen Mo Nong meeting performance ground so lose, probably was this day to experience too many departures, to thus of affair comparison sensitive.
    Say with a smile:"Have a matter me to really want to make to understand.All thought for more than 10 years.There is an opportunity now, I am really impatient to go under etc. again."
    "H'm.Go to.I will explain toward the Mom and Dad."Chen Mo Nong resumed a quiet mood.In a soft voice say.Just the leaf autumn lies prone on her shoulder, talks with her for a ground of time to exhale to subterranean heat spirit to blow to kiss her ear and lets her feels the ground of Yang Yang.
    Because the leaf autumn embraces ground too tight, her fee some energies just move body to a little bit open some.Unexpectedly this some kind of frictions but stimulated a leaf ground for autumn desire, the private parts stands erect a while, strong and toughly thing crest at plentiful smooth Chen Mo Nong softly hip up.
    Chen Mo Nong is greatly abashed, frighten ground a move all don't dare to move.She although and leaf the autumn sexual behavior happened, now but in broad daylight, they haven't led career like this.
    The autumn of the leaf depends ground with her so tight.The felling ground arrives her to hurriedly jump about ground with dirty and steaming hot of body, smile to say by the side of the her ear:"Exercise in fact is also alleviate grievously a kind of method."
    "?"Chen Mo Nong is greatly abashed.The affectation doesn't understand a leaf to talk meaning for autumn.
    "Sport can also produce calories.The movable activity in big winter, the effect shows Zhao more."The autumn of the leaf continues to say and there isn't to reach eyes ground not to give up power.
    Certainly, the man all has this son persistent strength in this aspect.
    Although Chen Mo Nong doesn't talk,the breath is more and more urgent, the body is also more and more soft.The legs have no dint, the whole strength of body would not° until depend on a leaf for autumn of prop up stand firm.
    The right hand bottom of leaf autumn moves, lightly rubs in Chen Mo Nong's belly and says:"Want to be not.Do I do an experiment for you first?Only need three minutes, the temperature on the my hand will heat up, the temperature of your belly will also heat up."
    The autumn of the leaf talks for a ground of time, the hand has already uncovered Chen Mo Nong's underclothing lower hem, then directly stretches into, on the lower abdomen that she is smooth such as the jade top and bottom ambulation, return ever and anon stretch out a finger to lightly order her navel.
    Experiment of leaf autumn very successful, and far far above anticipate effect.
    After several minutes, the temperature on the leaf's autumn hand really heated up.But Chen Mo Nong isn't only only the temperature of belly to heat up, the whole body all fire the hot fire is hot.
    When the leaf autumn unties her underwear from the back, a confidence lives that same steaming hot even some hot person's ground plump chest, Chen Mo Nong the Ying Ning is a , have regard for any further get not what, body such as Hong hair general, drive leaf the autumn lightly float ground to put to pour on the bed.
    Because experiment ground success, so when the leaf autumn gets into Chen Mo Nong's body the inside is already a muddy one.
    There is no bar.2 people combine by the most close way together.You win to have me.I win to have you.
    Chen Mo Nong's moan is very reserved, even if when oneself to heart's content arrives extremity.Will also strongly suppress own throat, oneself doesn't want to call ground too loudly.
    Leaf autumn now already non- incapable person, not only only know that the underwear button can open on the behind, sometimes also will open fore noodles.So, leaf autumn while touching other people's chest, always conveniently wear to touch a see a front to have button.Anyway also just 32 seconds, the province must carelessly throw to smell.
    After the first-time leaf autumn and Sung Yu book that not and successfully had sexual love on the car, the leaf autumn always felt to can't raise head in all women's in fronts.Afterwards because Lin Bao Er's ground false leaf autumn one dragon drama double Feng, and end with the carriage persistence of the victor till the last, this just makes him find back some self-confidence.

  • and the treasureDatum20.11.2021 14:01
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    "It doesn't matter.The belly is again not hungry.I am to go out visit friend for one morning, just just came back.We are front and back feet.Walk, enter a house.Rice has been already worked well."
    On the dining table, but wise start to talk about Chen Shi in nowadays for the very happy.Ever since Guo Jia falls from power.Chen Jia became to biggestly be subjected to a benefit square of an after, Chen Shi got into the orbit of rapid development.Not only only is a few items got hold of on the family Guo's hand, at real estate, conveyance, and seafood export...etc. some aspects also had breakthrough.
    Matter not exactly someone, who gives timely assistance, will do, but Mian up add a floral person but numerous.Come to look for cooperation ground a person when more developing is quick Xu also is many.Although Chen Shi hasn't got into big benefits repay to expect,the stand has already spread to open at least now.Already the beginning has an embryo of small group.
    "Being a kind for a day is really an a day kind.If isn't me the work is in Chen Shi, can't believe."
    But wise and leaf autumn after touching one cup, the wine in the cup one stem but exert., And then become a ground of grief to get up:"Mo thick his grandpa has been expecting Chen Jia of rising, regrettable.His wishes carried out, but had no an opportunity to have a liking for one eye now."
    Hence leaf the autumn and Chen Mo Nong start comforting again but wise, but wise see an in the moment good female good son-in-law, is also a big old bosom Wei, without intermission with leaf the autumn touch a cup, until give° oneself to infuse to pour.
    After the lunch, room of leaf autumn.
    Chen Mo Nong part Ning the hot towel wipe face for autumn for leaf, simultaneously say:"My daddy didn't drink so much wine for a long time very much, today in good humor.So drink to too many.He made me make a phone call to make you come over to have New Year's Eve dinner yesterday, you didn't come, my daddy thinks antinomy that we make.Had New Year's Eve dinner ground yesterday time wine don't drink and get up to urge me to make a phone call for you again behind today.I say late some dozens, have never thought him for he beat past."
    The leaf autumn bitterness says with a smile:"No wonder that uncle so early make a phone call for me, originally still have already returned so matter son.See, my this son-in-law is very satisfied."
    Chen Mo Nong stands on the part not to talk, after seeing a leaf once wipe face for autumn, from the his hand in once connected a towel.After wetting with the hot water again, just the Ning opens Liang to get up.
    The autumn of the leaf walks over there and hugs Chen Mo Nong's waist limb from the behind, the nose devouringly smells smell the body of Chen Mo Nong up that like the flavor of orchid such as the Xin and asks a way:"Is leading ground at home good?"
    Chen Mo Nong lightly sighs and says:"I am very good.Chen Shi now work very fluently, no longer be like before so, regardless do what matters are all all the difficulties, always have a kind to lack the ability to do a ground of felling.-----Is Tang Guo not so bad?"
    The autumn of the leaf thinks of the last time scene for 2 people to meet.The in the mind also has some exclamation.Originally live in the same house of in.The distance is thus of near, the tentacle is within the reach of.
    But everyone's an is from the blue apartment in moved away behind.Then already the thing is a person not.To speak a lot of words the innumerable words turns to make one to sigh.
    "O.K..Just----Lose."Thinking of Tang Guo, that fine makeup can not also cover up an exhausted face, the leaf autumn in the mind is also really a heartache.
    Chen Mo Nong's facial expression is gloomy, say:"She has never been subjected to so many bitternesses.Uncle Tang hasn't come to, she nearby a close relatives all had no.The autumn of the leaf pleases, for me look after good she."
    "My meeting of."The autumn of the leaf tightly hugs the body that Chen Mo Nong has a full figure.
    "What about treasure son?Does she have connection with you?"Chen Mo Nong one face expectation the ground ask a way.
    "Have no."The autumn of the leaf shakes head.Originally he still wants to go to today Lin Jia visit of, but feel that the opportune moment in nowadays isn't suitable for very much, and the treasure son wasn't at home again, then gave up.
    "She didn't also contact with me.The time that just walks once gives me an information, didn't have connection any further."Chen Mo Nong sadly says very much.Immediately after again oneself comforts a way:"Possible troops in have already kept secret regulation.There are a lot of matters in the outside aring bodies not from already."
    "H'm.They will come back."The leaf autumn comforter says.
    Tang Guo and Lin Bao Ers are like Chen Mo Nong's two kids and separate with them, Chen Mo Nong always feels the in the mind being empty to fall.It is all life that forgets a blue apartment inside intentionally at ordinary times, paralyzes himself/herself with the heavy work.

  • think that youDatum20.11.2021 13:55
    Thema von GDwood2021 im Forum Regeln

    "Once get in touch with."The autumn of the leaf says.
    "You can from where does she know your life experience.She will tell yours."
    The autumn of the leaf is with full intention excited, a ground of answer that oneself looks for is publishing.
    "Good.Two Yas worked well meal.Is true joss-stick.Unfortunately, you could not smell."The old man son Xi hip-hop admires ground to say.
    "You this sentence really need a scolding."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
    "Scold.Scold my ground person Be getting more.When do I have ever cared again?"Old man son ground the voice leave a words tube and say:"Two Yas pour cup flower wine for me."
    The autumn of the leaf feels that delivering in throat is sweet, the old headman makes by fermentation in person of flower wine but ratio what red wine the flavor liked a hundredfold.Unfortunately, oneself time have never drunk for a long time.
    His pouring is to know to make wine formula, can also find out those raw materials.Just.All of inside in the city those flowers are artificials development of.All of insides were chemical fertilizers and agrochemical, even if made by fermentation.Flavor also the impurity is positive.
    Spread the sound of Dong Dong in words tube, that is the voice that the old headman is touched a shot words tube with the wine cup.
    "The autumn of the leaf toasts."The old headman says.
    The autumn of the leaf also raises a red wine cup, slightly knocked to knock a words tube and said:"Toast."
    On Chinese New Year's Day, walk to visit time that the friend makes New Year's visits in person.
    The autumn of the leaf is still sleeping lazy feel time, received the telephone of joy.Say he greatly strengthens and comes over to make New Year's visit for leaf autumn with Lee.The autumn of the leaf promised and then and in a hurry got up to tidy up some kind of.Helped him the thing for buying the type of some dried melon seeds candies in the winter night of Ran yesterday so much, all otherwise had no thing to treat quest.
    2 people sat to in a short while walk, the leaf autumn also opened a car to make ceremonial call.
    Last night and the master son talked on the phone, was given by him was going to visit him of some past hand over old know.Have the leaf the master son of Han Jia Han, Ran master son in Ran house that the autumn has been already acquainted with, also have a few pasts the leaf autumn have never got in touch with, but come behind also enthusiasm invite his old man.For example Liao's house, Huang Jia, 100 inside house.
    Sometimes, the leaf autumn still really believes that old headman in the home ever moved city China to lead.How can there is so deep person otherwise vein net?Exactly experienced what matter, make him keep off a capital city to run to deep Shan-li a live is how many decades?
    However, to what old headman says what girls from prominent families resist elder sister's LOLI hurl bosom to send to embrace of the words are how to can't believe, eithers.
    The autumn of the leaf refused their lunch invitations after giving the cloth master the son to make New Year's visit again, drive car to in a hurry rush through toward Su Hang.Today but wise make a phone call to come over in person, let the leaf have lunch in the past for autumn.
    The father-in-law invites in person, which can not go?
    The weather in the Yan city is dry cold, but Su Hang is that the weather Yin is cold, cold idea be like from inside drill out generally.The autumn of the leaf just stopped a car outside Chen Jia's front door, a small Ya Huan in the doorway then the surprise ground shouted a way:"The Gu Ye came back.The Gu Ye came back."
    Be shouting and running to come over the hand and foot hemp benefit ground to help a leaf to open big iron gate for autumn.
    Come back?
    These three words imitate a Buddha to break up a cold idea sort.Let leaf for autumn the center of earth inside is warm a while.Thus the ground words makes him have a kind to go home warm and fragrant feeling.
    The autumn of the leaf arrives car yard inside.The small Ya Huan cannily comes over to draw back a car door for him.The autumn of the leaf says with a smile:"Thank."
    The female kid smiles the ground of Xi Xi to say need not.It is madam and young lady to make her take aim in the front door to hit the ground.
    It is saying.But wise husband and wife and Chen Mo Nong faced out.
    But wise say with a smile:"All lead noon.Originally think that you can't come.Or the Mo Be thick to say that you will definitely come.We hasn't been opening a seat.Wait you to come over to have lunch."
    The autumn of the leaf saw an eye being dressed in white underclothing and outside being covered with a Chen Mo Nong's one eye that opens Jin sweater.Say with a smile:"BE visiting a few friends while receiving your telephone, be over after rushed through to come over.Time still held up.Uncle's aunt need not wait me, isn't a guest again."

  • the wagerDatum19.11.2021 03:57
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    Dia voice Dia spirit the ground talk, will make people are very disgusted.Can this woman but have like this of skill, even if and like this of performance, but don't make people dislike, on the contrary listen to ground very comfortable.
    The Zhao Shuang bosom nods to the leaf autumn point, stands on reserved box the center and says with a smile:"Today didn't invite too many people, in of is all friend of double bosom.The thanking to be each celebrates the birthday for the double bosom.Be also thank your se in the last yearseses for giving a pair of comity of bosoms.Come, do one cup for the sake of the our ground comity."
    "For double the birthday bottoms up that keeps in mind a young lady."
    The liquid in red is quaffed in one gulped in the glass cup, then everyone again 35 start to chat a sky in groups, Zhao Shuang's bosom pickeds up a words tube and say to sing a song sends to everyone, in of applause in succession, the reserved box atmosphere again changes warmly to get up.
    Ran this is just seen sit winter night reserved box of the corner joy and Lee is greatly strong, hears they drive leaf the autumn pull over of, some sorry and ashamedly say:"It is sorry.Is that I didn't say to know to the leaf autumn.However don't relate to.You are my friends, come over take part in me other friend ground birthday party also the nothing important isn't right."
    "It doesn't matter.There is good wine that drink.There is the delicious, can also see beauty, we are too late still happy, you apologize to us stem what?"Lee is greatly strong big the ground say.
    "Be.Do we still need to seek your signature.Your album we can buy land is original.Although the wayside has five dollars 1 piece to sell, contentedly the words of the price four dollars can buy."
    The Ran smiles to scold a way winter night:"You are all my friends nonsupport I, that waits I to be embarrassed.If an albums all sell not to go out, that our company can compensate to die."
    Hear Ran the words winter night, leaf autumn they hurriedly concern Ran the album winter night to sell quantity.
    The Ran beautiful eyes swept leaf's one eye for autumn and said with a smile winter night:"The album sells a ground of not bad.Although the concrete data hasn't statisticsed to come up,many dealers sold out right goods but is fact.They lack confidence to the New appointee, so the goods entered combine not much."
    "Is ex- to expect to publicizee to achieve wisdom, the album lord beats song to 《meet by chance 》 and hurtle last each big music ground ranking in website is first, and 100 degrees breeze searches placard champion position.This red fire aroused the whole album ground to sell quantity.The autumn of the leaf.The noodles has you an achievement here."
    "I am unimportantly just Long Tao.Sell well reason still you sing well."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.In the mind but is the success that is a Ran winter night but happy.
    Zhao Shuang keeps in mind a song to sing, public warmly applause.
    Leading in a short while was again Liu Han Bing to stand and say with a smile:"Come, leave time of slicing the cake it's yet early.We play a get-away drama?"
    "What game?"Small cloud smiles to ask a way.
    "It is lucky bottle of."Liu Han Bing smiles an explanation way:"Put an empty bottle on the table to revolve, when the bottle comes to a stop.Bottle facing who, who is lucky, perform a program.Certainly, this program is decided by everyone."
    This game is some similar in beat a drum to spread a flower ground property, Be just name different just.Entertainment area to come and go the nothing but is so a few plays, time is getting longer, and the nature will be boring.So some places for inviting a guest, constantly release some pornographic or abnormal programs to draw on the guest's eyeball.
    Is public to bomb however respond to, although this game talk not ascend fresh.But very in all aspects all of are good several years friends, have fun also from have some kind of fun.
    6,000 took a look a leaf for autumn and enjoy 3 people, the mouth of Pie Pie says:"Having fun will play ground happy.I the ugly words say fore head.Who if have fun not to rise, withdraw now.Wishing the wager will concede defeat, if who don't according to everyone's condition performance program lose, I would tie up him to throw to go out.Don't blame me not to speak face."
    Although he not clear leaf autumn is what identity, dare to have no idea of death or danger ground and Yan to call less plank.But, in mind he not too would like to greatly strengthen this kind of person to play games with Yang Le Li.Make him feel that these people have like this and he is even to rise an even of felling.
    Say so, is also want to give° them to force to back.
    See 6,000 look in the eyes Piaos toward oneself indeed as expected, joy and Lee greatly strong some hesitant.They are just some can.But can not get into this turn son.
    "It doesn't matter.Since came, played together."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.

  • The Ran saysDatum19.11.2021 03:53
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    The Ran in past can be regarded as campus star winter night, although connected to once clap many advertisements and the showbizs to advertise, her be subjected to many mostly is in the boundary and campus.Because the student of school first knows her ground record of events.Other schools have in the society to mix a successful in career student, will also become the topic that the university students take delight in talking about.
    The new album releases to become available in the market and echoes again warmly, circumstance not together.
    The Ran in nowadays was regarded as to truely go into a show biz winter night this line of, and the starting point is best.
    Along with front medium bombing of segment time, her this face was afraid be recorded in mind by numerous people.This time goes out, have to start to wear a hat to cover up some kind of.If be discovered by the cellophane noodles or reporter, always is otiose to bother.
    "The autumn of the leaf, I come to give you the introduction.This is my best friend----Zhao Shuang keeps in mind.We kid's park is to sit at the same table, then is a primary school, high school and senior high school.We exactly sat at the same table a decade.She studied abroad in the United States during the days in the university, this just had to separate.However we also usually have connection.She just came back from the abroad."
    The Ran pulls a leaf winter night autumn introduction way, one is a best friend for oneself, a man who is oneself to like, 2 people's meeting was most happily her.
    "Winter son.You can leak to say a lot of."Zhao Shuang's bosom looking at Ran winter night.Craftily smile.
    Ran the Qiao face is tiny and red winter night.But don't answer.
    Zhao Shuang's bosom but would not like to pass this interestingly topic.Smile to add a way:"Originally I and the winter son still once said.Who found out to like a ground of men.Will bring the other party to see.If we are two to all be satisfied with ground.Then this man can be accepted.If among them one person is dissatisfied with a ground of words.This man can not want.It is alas.See to the son in winter early and then agree on our ground to forget ground completely."
    Ran winter night choke Zhao Shuang bosom waist ground delicate meat.Chen way:"Are you still not bashful to say me?You come back to all prepare to talk that the marriage theory married with several Yans this time.How have never seen you to get him to come over to consult my ground an opinion?"
    Zhao Shuang's bosom simultaneously avoids being seen Ran winter night ground to take the offensive.The part Jiao shouts to say:"This not is come back?You say.If is dissatisfied to him.I tonight Chuai he."
    "Hum.Don't I just do this bastinado mandarin duck ground matter."The Ran is cold to hum to say winter night.Point at a leaf to say for autumn:"He is the leaf's autumn.I moderated you to once say in the email."
    "Know.He is that to let you the spring heart ripple a ground of boy.Isn't bad, as for wanting don't accept and also want to see his performance further."Zhao Shuang's bosom stops and Ran winter night of beat to make.Very poised and dignifiedly stretch out a hand, say with a smile:"Zhao Shuang keeps in mind.It is long heard of your great reputation, infuse an ear such as the thunder.Listen to your place name wordses all listen to a ground of ear rising cocoon son.
    The autumn of the leaf is still digesting Ran to say the bosom end marriage end place name word of Zhao Shuang winter night.Don't know this several Yans and Yan pleasant breeze again is what relate to.See the business that still don't know that himself/herself and Yan pleasant breeze are hostile to each other to the son in winter, the old headman of Ran house also has no a necessity idea especially and she starts to talk about this.
    "How do you do."The autumn of the leaf stretched out the small hand of hand and Zhao Shuang's bosom soft Wen Ai to hold to hold.
    Think of just those people's words in the house, wish, she should be lead the person of birthday today.Otherwise, the Ran can't takes the birthday party that oneself comes to take part in other persons, either winter night.
    Say to her again:"Happy birthday."
    Eyes that Zhao Shuang keeps in mind more of brightness, say with a smile:"Thank.How?Has Dong Er ever told you to are me today the ground the birthday?"
    "I didn't tell him, was what he figures out to come by himself."The Ran says winter night.
    "BE.I know that your man is very intelligent.You need not then explain toward me."Zhao Shuang keeps in mind and makes fun to say, the Ran is again going to choke Zhao Shuang winter night bosom waist ground delicate meat.
    Is two prettily the big beauty is in the reserved box in the center the Xi smile a dozen to make and let many men here secretly swallow saliva.
    "Feed.You want to speak how long of private already words?Although knowing your relation is better,cans not treat coldly us, either?"Coily the voice of Liu Han Bing spread to come over.

  • beside conjectureDatum19.11.2021 03:48
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    "Be regarded as."6,000 smiles that wear white underclothing say.
    "Do we have enemy?"
    "Have no."6,000 shake head."My this person be so, frank and outspoken.Thought of what say what, also have no one or two door on the mouth of, is a well-known smelly mouth in a turn of son.Don't mind."
    Frank and outspoken?
    The autumn of the leaf is cold to say with a smile:"I mind very much."
    "That how again?"6,000 also the Lian rise smiling face, with eyes of leaf autumn to see.2 people are with swords unsheathed and bows drawn, the atmosphere in the reserved box a while nervous.
    The leaf autumn point nods.Stage by stage to 6,000 walk.
    The whole reserved box calmness pole.The shoes that can hear a leaf for autumn's trampling is softly sending out a ground of froufrou sound in the carpet.
    Very strange felling, the leaf autumn acrosses an one step each time.All produce the oppression feeling of a kind of mightiness.Imitating the Buddha is to trample in the public center of earth, can not control feelings, the owner center of earth dirty Bo moves and also follows the rhythm of his steps but jumps up.
    A joss-stick breeze is inheritted, a personality charmingly femininely the figure block an autumn at the leaf before, is just the woman who sings."The autumn of the leaf BE?Can know for a while?I am Liu Han Bing."
    "Occupy?"The autumn of the leaf stops a son and looking at an at present woman.The woman wears purple full dress, front the Jin open ground very low, leaf autumn need not lower the head intentionally, can see that one snow-white and deeply ditch.
    "Today is the birthday of double bosom, this matter puts first.Good?The double bosom is the friend of winter best son."Woman one face truly be willing to the ground explain.
    "Why don't go and say this sentence to him?"The autumn of the leaf points at 6,000 to say.
    Liu Han Bing says with a smile:"I will also say.All don't know that your these men is just thinking what?A meet to come Dou to go for the Dou.It is much dull.Still rather drinking to sing to ground is at ease.Can't the meeting sing?We two to sing 1?"
    Liu Han Bing again receives a leaf for autumn after death of joy and Lee is greatly strong, say with a smile:"It come to is a guest.You also sit.Want to eat what drink what all at will.Need not polite."
    Joy and Lee greatly strengthens to looking at a leaf for autumn, the leaf autumn point nods, and 2 people walk to the sofa to sit in seat of honor down.Small cloud hurriedly runs to pour wine for 2 people.
    6,000 center of earth inside is also long breath a sigh of relief.Just the leaf autumn gave too many of his pressures.Look a so thin and feeble man, so the noodles have no facial expression ground to walk, why will oneself feel nervous?
    The autumn of the leaf and big little Yan pleasant breeze in the Yan house are hostile to each other, the persons whom each Yan sends want opportunity to seek will a short while is the fire in the house that not knows immensity of the universe.Originally think that oneself found out one first to try to please a Yan little opportunity and had never thought but lost a face.
    After all, just at the time that he came over here, oneself wased a words to all could not say it.
    The autumn of the leaf incognizant this Liu Han ice is who, but he sees the ground come out, this woman is really writing something to think for he or she.The autumn of the leaf not know the son in winter why wants he or she to attend this puzzling birthday party, be used as a guest, he also not want to give° the other people's birthday party to mess up.
    The door of reserved box is suddenly pushed away, Ran winter night and an equally fine beautiful woman walk to come in.See a station in the reserved box leaf autumn, the surprise ground calls a way:"The autumn of the leaf, you come.I still think you didn't arrive and prepared to make a phone call to urge you."
    Flank that sense culturedly the woman beside conjecture a leaf autumn, one face and Xi smiling face.
    This chemisette eyes are very bright, but Be different from Ran the elder sister winter night Ran stars that sort conjecture the time of person there is the felling to burn a person.
    Smile idea Ying however, saw don't applaud to the look in the eyes in leaf autumn and pick fault with, but have to reservedly examine.Be like recognize lately- handed over male friend for own bosom friend good friend if being excellent is general.
    The Ran wears winter night a white connect body Shan the dress bind lovely have to ground figure, the Shan puts to only arrive thigh, may may wrap up a plump circle smooth hip.Tie very and attractive wide margin belt of a thin gold color on the waistline, more and more sets off thin chest of a waist to stand.The short style of windbreaker that outside covers a gray, looks vogue sexy.

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