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Dia voice Dia spirit the ground talk, will make people are very disgusted.Can this woman but have like this of skill, even if and like this of performance, but don't make people dislike, on the contrary listen to ground very comfortable.
The Zhao Shuang bosom nods to the leaf autumn point, stands on reserved box the center and says with a smile:"Today didn't invite too many people, in of is all friend of double bosom.The thanking to be each celebrates the birthday for the double bosom.Be also thank your se in the last yearseses for giving a pair of comity of bosoms.Come, do one cup for the sake of the our ground comity."
"For double the birthday bottoms up that keeps in mind a young lady."
The liquid in red is quaffed in one gulped in the glass cup, then everyone again 35 start to chat a sky in groups, Zhao Shuang's bosom pickeds up a words tube and say to sing a song sends to everyone, in of applause in succession, the reserved box atmosphere again changes warmly to get up.
Ran this is just seen sit winter night reserved box of the corner joy and Lee is greatly strong, hears they drive leaf the autumn pull over of, some sorry and ashamedly say:"It is sorry.Is that I didn't say to know to the leaf autumn.However don't relate to.You are my friends, come over take part in me other friend ground birthday party also the nothing important isn't right."
"It doesn't matter.There is good wine that drink.There is the delicious, can also see beauty, we are too late still happy, you apologize to us stem what?"Lee is greatly strong big the ground say.
"Be.Do we still need to seek your signature.Your album we can buy land is original.Although the wayside has five dollars 1 piece to sell, contentedly the words of the price four dollars can buy."
The Ran smiles to scold a way winter night:"You are all my friends nonsupport I, that waits I to be embarrassed.If an albums all sell not to go out, that our company can compensate to die."
Hear Ran the words winter night, leaf autumn they hurriedly concern Ran the album winter night to sell quantity.
The Ran beautiful eyes swept leaf's one eye for autumn and said with a smile winter night:"The album sells a ground of not bad.Although the concrete data hasn't statisticsed to come up,many dealers sold out right goods but is fact.They lack confidence to the New appointee, so the goods entered combine not much."
"Is ex- to expect to publicizee to achieve wisdom, the album lord beats song to 《meet by chance 》 and hurtle last each big music ground ranking in website is first, and 100 degrees breeze searches placard champion position.This red fire aroused the whole album ground to sell quantity.The autumn of the leaf.The noodles has you an achievement here."
"I am unimportantly just Long Tao.Sell well reason still you sing well."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.In the mind but is the success that is a Ran winter night but happy.
Zhao Shuang keeps in mind a song to sing, public warmly applause.
Leading in a short while was again Liu Han Bing to stand and say with a smile:"Come, leave time of slicing the cake it's yet early.We play a get-away drama?"
"What game?"Small cloud smiles to ask a way.
"It is lucky bottle of."Liu Han Bing smiles an explanation way:"Put an empty bottle on the table to revolve, when the bottle comes to a stop.Bottle facing who, who is lucky, perform a program.Certainly, this program is decided by everyone."
This game is some similar in beat a drum to spread a flower ground property, Be just name different just.Entertainment area to come and go the nothing but is so a few plays, time is getting longer, and the nature will be boring.So some places for inviting a guest, constantly release some pornographic or abnormal programs to draw on the guest's eyeball.
Is public to bomb however respond to, although this game talk not ascend fresh.But very in all aspects all of are good several years friends, have fun also from have some kind of fun.
6,000 took a look a leaf for autumn and enjoy 3 people, the mouth of Pie Pie says:"Having fun will play ground happy.I the ugly words say fore head.Who if have fun not to rise, withdraw now.Wishing the wager will concede defeat, if who don't according to everyone's condition performance program lose, I would tie up him to throw to go out.Don't blame me not to speak face."
Although he not clear leaf autumn is what identity, dare to have no idea of death or danger ground and Yan to call less plank.But, in mind he not too would like to greatly strengthen this kind of person to play games with Yang Le Li.Make him feel that these people have like this and he is even to rise an even of felling.
Say so, is also want to give° them to force to back.
See 6,000 look in the eyes Piaos toward oneself indeed as expected, joy and Lee greatly strong some hesitant.They are just some can.But can not get into this turn son.
"It doesn't matter.Since came, played together."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.

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