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The Ran says Antworten

The Ran in past can be regarded as campus star winter night, although connected to once clap many advertisements and the showbizs to advertise, her be subjected to many mostly is in the boundary and campus.Because the student of school first knows her ground record of events.Other schools have in the society to mix a successful in career student, will also become the topic that the university students take delight in talking about.
The new album releases to become available in the market and echoes again warmly, circumstance not together.
The Ran in nowadays was regarded as to truely go into a show biz winter night this line of, and the starting point is best.
Along with front medium bombing of segment time, her this face was afraid be recorded in mind by numerous people.This time goes out, have to start to wear a hat to cover up some kind of.If be discovered by the cellophane noodles or reporter, always is otiose to bother.
"The autumn of the leaf, I come to give you the introduction.This is my best friend----Zhao Shuang keeps in mind.We kid's park is to sit at the same table, then is a primary school, high school and senior high school.We exactly sat at the same table a decade.She studied abroad in the United States during the days in the university, this just had to separate.However we also usually have connection.She just came back from the abroad."
The Ran pulls a leaf winter night autumn introduction way, one is a best friend for oneself, a man who is oneself to like, 2 people's meeting was most happily her.
"Winter son.You can leak to say a lot of."Zhao Shuang's bosom looking at Ran winter night.Craftily smile.
Ran the Qiao face is tiny and red winter night.But don't answer.
Zhao Shuang's bosom but would not like to pass this interestingly topic.Smile to add a way:"Originally I and the winter son still once said.Who found out to like a ground of men.Will bring the other party to see.If we are two to all be satisfied with ground.Then this man can be accepted.If among them one person is dissatisfied with a ground of words.This man can not want.It is alas.See to the son in winter early and then agree on our ground to forget ground completely."
Ran winter night choke Zhao Shuang bosom waist ground delicate meat.Chen way:"Are you still not bashful to say me?You come back to all prepare to talk that the marriage theory married with several Yans this time.How have never seen you to get him to come over to consult my ground an opinion?"
Zhao Shuang's bosom simultaneously avoids being seen Ran winter night ground to take the offensive.The part Jiao shouts to say:"This not is come back?You say.If is dissatisfied to him.I tonight Chuai he."
"Hum.Don't I just do this bastinado mandarin duck ground matter."The Ran is cold to hum to say winter night.Point at a leaf to say for autumn:"He is the leaf's autumn.I moderated you to once say in the email."
"Know.He is that to let you the spring heart ripple a ground of boy.Isn't bad, as for wanting don't accept and also want to see his performance further."Zhao Shuang's bosom stops and Ran winter night of beat to make.Very poised and dignifiedly stretch out a hand, say with a smile:"Zhao Shuang keeps in mind.It is long heard of your great reputation, infuse an ear such as the thunder.Listen to your place name wordses all listen to a ground of ear rising cocoon son.
The autumn of the leaf is still digesting Ran to say the bosom end marriage end place name word of Zhao Shuang winter night.Don't know this several Yans and Yan pleasant breeze again is what relate to.See the business that still don't know that himself/herself and Yan pleasant breeze are hostile to each other to the son in winter, the old headman of Ran house also has no a necessity idea especially and she starts to talk about this.
"How do you do."The autumn of the leaf stretched out the small hand of hand and Zhao Shuang's bosom soft Wen Ai to hold to hold.
Think of just those people's words in the house, wish, she should be lead the person of birthday today.Otherwise, the Ran can't takes the birthday party that oneself comes to take part in other persons, either winter night.
Say to her again:"Happy birthday."
Eyes that Zhao Shuang keeps in mind more of brightness, say with a smile:"Thank.How?Has Dong Er ever told you to are me today the ground the birthday?"
"I didn't tell him, was what he figures out to come by himself."The Ran says winter night.
"BE.I know that your man is very intelligent.You need not then explain toward me."Zhao Shuang keeps in mind and makes fun to say, the Ran is again going to choke Zhao Shuang winter night bosom waist ground delicate meat.
Is two prettily the big beauty is in the reserved box in the center the Xi smile a dozen to make and let many men here secretly swallow saliva.
"Feed.You want to speak how long of private already words?Although knowing your relation is better,cans not treat coldly us, either?"Coily the voice of Liu Han Bing spread to come over.

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