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beside conjecture Antworten

"Be regarded as."6,000 smiles that wear white underclothing say.
"Do we have enemy?"
"Have no."6,000 shake head."My this person be so, frank and outspoken.Thought of what say what, also have no one or two door on the mouth of, is a well-known smelly mouth in a turn of son.Don't mind."
Frank and outspoken?
The autumn of the leaf is cold to say with a smile:"I mind very much."
"That how again?"6,000 also the Lian rise smiling face, with eyes of leaf autumn to see.2 people are with swords unsheathed and bows drawn, the atmosphere in the reserved box a while nervous.
The leaf autumn point nods.Stage by stage to 6,000 walk.
The whole reserved box calmness pole.The shoes that can hear a leaf for autumn's trampling is softly sending out a ground of froufrou sound in the carpet.
Very strange felling, the leaf autumn acrosses an one step each time.All produce the oppression feeling of a kind of mightiness.Imitating the Buddha is to trample in the public center of earth, can not control feelings, the owner center of earth dirty Bo moves and also follows the rhythm of his steps but jumps up.
A joss-stick breeze is inheritted, a personality charmingly femininely the figure block an autumn at the leaf before, is just the woman who sings."The autumn of the leaf BE?Can know for a while?I am Liu Han Bing."
"Occupy?"The autumn of the leaf stops a son and looking at an at present woman.The woman wears purple full dress, front the Jin open ground very low, leaf autumn need not lower the head intentionally, can see that one snow-white and deeply ditch.
"Today is the birthday of double bosom, this matter puts first.Good?The double bosom is the friend of winter best son."Woman one face truly be willing to the ground explain.
"Why don't go and say this sentence to him?"The autumn of the leaf points at 6,000 to say.
Liu Han Bing says with a smile:"I will also say.All don't know that your these men is just thinking what?A meet to come Dou to go for the Dou.It is much dull.Still rather drinking to sing to ground is at ease.Can't the meeting sing?We two to sing 1?"
Liu Han Bing again receives a leaf for autumn after death of joy and Lee is greatly strong, say with a smile:"It come to is a guest.You also sit.Want to eat what drink what all at will.Need not polite."
Joy and Lee greatly strengthens to looking at a leaf for autumn, the leaf autumn point nods, and 2 people walk to the sofa to sit in seat of honor down.Small cloud hurriedly runs to pour wine for 2 people.
6,000 center of earth inside is also long breath a sigh of relief.Just the leaf autumn gave too many of his pressures.Look a so thin and feeble man, so the noodles have no facial expression ground to walk, why will oneself feel nervous?
The autumn of the leaf and big little Yan pleasant breeze in the Yan house are hostile to each other, the persons whom each Yan sends want opportunity to seek will a short while is the fire in the house that not knows immensity of the universe.Originally think that oneself found out one first to try to please a Yan little opportunity and had never thought but lost a face.
After all, just at the time that he came over here, oneself wased a words to all could not say it.
The autumn of the leaf incognizant this Liu Han ice is who, but he sees the ground come out, this woman is really writing something to think for he or she.The autumn of the leaf not know the son in winter why wants he or she to attend this puzzling birthday party, be used as a guest, he also not want to give° the other people's birthday party to mess up.
The door of reserved box is suddenly pushed away, Ran winter night and an equally fine beautiful woman walk to come in.See a station in the reserved box leaf autumn, the surprise ground calls a way:"The autumn of the leaf, you come.I still think you didn't arrive and prepared to make a phone call to urge you."
Flank that sense culturedly the woman beside conjecture a leaf autumn, one face and Xi smiling face.
This chemisette eyes are very bright, but Be different from Ran the elder sister winter night Ran stars that sort conjecture the time of person there is the felling to burn a person.
Smile idea Ying however, saw don't applaud to the look in the eyes in leaf autumn and pick fault with, but have to reservedly examine.Be like recognize lately- handed over male friend for own bosom friend good friend if being excellent is general.
The Ran wears winter night a white connect body Shan the dress bind lovely have to ground figure, the Shan puts to only arrive thigh, may may wrap up a plump circle smooth hip.Tie very and attractive wide margin belt of a thin gold color on the waistline, more and more sets off thin chest of a waist to stand.The short style of windbreaker that outside covers a gray, looks vogue sexy.

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