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Such as if isn't Tang Jia to hold the Tang absolute ownership of a share, board of directors chairman's position places again how can the her turn is such a year of only 20 years old ground of my daughter's child?
Internal revolt and foreign invasion, Wang Bo severely wounded is in the bed, father life and death end Bu, Tang Guo's pressure is imaginable.Has she already all several days done not close eyes, she wants to acquaint with and integrate into the Tang with the quickest speed, and takes it into rapid development ground orbit.
She knows father always all to she heart bosom expectation.She can not make the father disappoint.
"Mary, you go out.I want with alone foolish father in a short while."Tang Guo says at the after death full-time secretary to the station.This Mary is a father is that she trains a good talented person, the ability is outstanding, and the loyalty is the highest, Tang Guo after getting into the Tang lift her as own full-time secretary.
Also because Tang Bu Yi worked well preparation in advance, at so causing disturbance of many people, she can also keep big group ground of promise normal operation.
"BE.Chief executive officer."Mary promises and withdrew room.Combine to slightly take for her last sickroom door.
Tang Bu Yi lies on the sickbed, the quilt of velvet's imitating a Buddha doesn't have weight ground to cover on his body.The facial expression is pale, there is no one silk to be blood-red color.Eyes close tightly, originally fat of the face keep on being also hollow.Still have the gauze the wound for wrapping up on the forehead, the doctor says to still have two geniuses to remove stitches.
Tang Guo sees the father become this appearance, in the mind again is a sour, the tears fell down cannot help but again and followed cheeks slide, drop enter mouth inside.It is readily salty puckery.
Be upward pulled the Rong in white to pull.Pressed for Tang Bu Yi according to drive Cape, put on pair of tears.Tang Guo in a soft voice says:"Dad's ground, originally I always blame you not to keep me company, is all day long busy at the work.I just know and originally sit on this position now, have to have so much affair to want to do.I haven't gone to bed for three days, very tired, also feel sleepy, but on shutting eyes, keep having evil-foreboding dream, one connects 1."
"Dad's ground, I don't want to open fire to the leaf autumn.I don't want to make you die as well.But do I how do?I dream dreams all and arrive leaf's a face for autumn every evening is that the blood ground looking at me, I explain to him, he woulds not like to listen to, either.I am to like his, very happy.But, do I unexpectedly open fire to him, is the betrayal to the love so?My feelings to him has been not clean and pure, hadn't I entitled to liked him again and righted?Dad's ground, you tell me.I have never loved, you tell me how to go to and love."
"Dad's ground, the treasure son walked, she walked of time didn't see me, just delivered an information for me.The Mo thick elder sister also walked, but I don't dare to send her.I open fire to the leaf autumn, she will definitely blame me.I will go to blue apartment doorway and see every day and always think of the day in past.I want more that also being like is similar before.The breakfast that gets up to all edible a thick elder sister of Mo everyday morning, every day and the treasure son play games together, we can cooperate to humiliate a leaf for autumn----But return not to go any further.Dad's ground, the persons of blue apartment all walked, left my a person."
End through the my daughter child shoulder of personnel up a while carry on the shoulder important precincts thing so, accepted to can not stand any further, Tang Guo lies prone by the side of the father's sickbed to sob.
Very long, imitating the statue of Buddha is all to flow tears to the utmost, Tang Guo just raises head, from the bag of flank in draw out paper towel to wipe the tears Zi on the face, and then resumed just town to settle a self-composed facial expression.
She is the new appointee chief executive officer of the Tang's group now, represent the benefits of the Tang's group, can not show the person of outside she ground weak.
Tang Guo walks to the window side, draw back the curtain that the goose yellow is full of a warm, push away a window, delightfully freshly the air immediately floods into room.
Not the distance is a sky, cloud lake, look endless, wave the light is scaly appearance, like numerous white carps to peep out back on the lake noodles.The sky deep blue, but the bise stabs a bone.Tang Guo's clothes is weak, the cold breeze infuses into she finely western dress small coat and the lotus flower of white side circle collar lining dress in go, all have the 1 F chicken skin pimple all over.
Imitate a Buddha so the ground punishment can make her in the mind a little bit pleasurable, as if atone for sin.
"The autumn of the leaf, I can not love you, that you hate me.Thus, who can not forget who, either."

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