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Being blue can the heart point nod, obedient ground of at leaf nearby sitting of the autumn down.Looking at this gentleness water have been being nearby looking after own girl's son, leaf the autumn in the mind is full is appreciate.
All leave time in the owners.Still have her to silently stay and wait at she nearby.
"The autumn of the leaf, is your celebrating the New Year a person here?"Being blue can the heart gingerly ask a way, was like in the frightened Chuo wound of leaf autumn is general.
"H'm.May."The autumn of the leaf nods.
Chinese New Year?He to the festival isn't a sensitive too.Probably is the dissimilarity of career, he has already become accustomed to a person to spend various festival of each kind.
"Want to be not----I stay to keep you company-, my meaning is to say----Your a person probably can't cook, I can do New Year's Eve dinner for you."Finish saying this words, blue can the heart have already disgraced a ground of looking angry and embarrassed and start to float the 1 F pink peach blossom sort on the neck of rosy, the eyelash rushes toward Shan to rush toward Shan ground to jump.Be like frighten a ground of rabbit.
The autumn of the leaf pulls a blue and noble-minded hand, appreciate her this a moment awkward and shy romantic feeling, say:"You stay to keep me company, how to do your daddy?He also needs you to return to accompany him.Leaving is so long, always need to go home and see."
"But you?"
"I become accustomed to a person."The autumn of the leaf says with smile a this sentence, eyes inside still has desolate one silk.Ten thousand lightses celebrate reunitedly time, a person of oneself carries cup wine to appreciate a month, mood like that who realize again?
Being blue can the heart looking at a leaf for autumn of look in the eyes, the in the mind feels sourly.Say:"The autumn of the leaf.If you in the mind suffered words, can speak the affair to me to listen to.
Probably.Will be a little more pleasurable so.I know that you definitely once took place what matter.What about Ms. Tang?Why do they all want to leave?"
Tang Guo?
Leaf the autumn in the mind Be full to is bitter and astringent.The female kid of this wretchedness, she is also definitely painful.When someone makes her open fire toward herself, she that in despair the look in the eyes make the leaf don't already love for autumn.
This time, the leaf autumn really believes that Tang Guo loves himself/herself.If isn't oneself to give her an allusion, she is definitely very difficult next hand?She clearly knows her own ground bullet that the artistic skill can avert from her, but still so hesitant.This isn't the love is what?
Do-it-yourself what, unexpectedly make her put own life at and oneself personally father similar weight.
Sometimes the leaf autumn will also think of a problem like this, if someone makes he or she towards Tang Guo to open fire with the head that the gun points at old headman, how to do again oneself?
This is a suicide.There is no answer.Even once think of, make people's ache matchless.
"Have no matter son."The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head, will blue can the heart hug in the bosom."Lose ground, I will find back again."
Being blue can heart no longer speech.But run out body all land productivity spirits to embrace a waist of leaf autumn.Be like just can undertake a leaf together like this the ground born is pain for autumn general.
If, the distress can also transfer much well.
Blessing hospital in the sky is a private hospital in the Yan city, be located in for a sky, cloud mountain neighborhood, according to mountain alongside water, scenery beautiful, the medical treatment constitution is placed in international top-grade level.This hospital doesn't open to the civilian.Accepts social commercial circles elite or officialdom Gao Guan, some old staffs would not like to go to Beidaihe, will also choose to recuperate here.
BE closing to inside a room beside the cloud lake in sky, a comeliness clearly gorgeously the girl sit on the sickbed a side.The fine suit in black wraps up high lovely shape, the foot is black Gao Gen's shoes, that sharply the spirited not only don't make people frightened and on the contrary have already grown difficult to expressly exciting feeling.The black silk stockings cross a curve, be like grasp in the heart in man a Yang scar, very anxious to kneel down to kiss her heel of shoe.
Ground hair.Skin color white delicate slippery get fed up with, facial expression determination, girl's son is exactly recent finance and economics medium everyday heat stir-fries of the Tang's group new chief executive officer, Tang Guo, .
Tang Guo goes into lord the Tang.This is finance and economics field near segment day the biggest news.Medium and analysis allly none of personage is optimistic about to her, many ones think this is the Tang's decline ground omen.The Tang controls a ground a few listed company stocks tumble,

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