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The Ge Sai beard Wu wears belly to say, bore in the utter darkness ground still has some distortions.But looking at a leaf for autumn of time but is some to be afraid.
This guy is an abnormal condition.
"Need not.I can't manage, or do bodyguard."Ye Qiu refused the Ge Sai beard ground good intentions.
The public security two groups of captainses song idea comes over here, one face vigilance the ground looking at for autumn, the leaf asks a way:"Have you ever learned an effort?"
"Yes.Heel my grandpa once learns several recruit."Leaf autumn answer way.
"No wonder that."The song idea nods and says:"Take to ascend your related certificate, 8:00 a.m. tomorrow can come over to report."
"Okay."The autumn of the leaf promises."Are our main responsibilities the safeties that protects Tang-president?"
"President Tang?"The song idea is cold to say with a smile."What persons do you be to all have access to president Tang?She came several days.Did I return to far and far once see one eye.Bodyguard one brigade is responsible for president Tang protection.We are mainly responsible for the peace or chaos of the Tang's mansion."
Leaf autumn one face is astounded.
Protect the Tang?Is this recruiting ground exactly a bodyguard or a public security?
Originally, no one introduces a ground of words.Want that being a bodyguard is all so difficult.This year, waits upon person's ground to live also not is who want to do and then become ground.
Tang Shi An Bao department ground job advertisement the spot, the leaf autumn went to the square to open he or she ground east of son.This car has been leaf the autumn is opening, Tang Guo leaves of time, have never wanted and give°ed the car to take back as well.
Don't know if make a ground colleague see, 1 can start to buy land the private car ground person runs to accept appointment bodyguard, they will have what viewpoint.
Can not control feelings ground, leaf's the front door that arrived blue apartment of car in another autumns, the front door closes tightly, is bright in hall light, the transparent glass research inside can also see in have elder brother's wife Lee busily figure.
The thing is a person not.
Turn over to reply to go to in leaf autumn brain of is all this phrase language.
Hope they are doing well.
Launch car, adjust a head, blue apartment ground shadow more and more far, be like nearby of those three female kids are similar.
Stop car in the golds all mansion parking lot, the leaf autumn ascended by elevator the 15th floor.Pressed a door bell, had never thought an inside to really there is the voice that the slippers run.
The room door opens, blue can heart full head the big sweat ground appear at the door.Say:"Am I sweeping room, didn't hear the voice that you press the door bell.Waited for a long time?"
"Have no.Just come back."The autumn of the leaf smiles to shake head."Buy a ticket?When return to?"
Christmas later on, the Chinese New Year is getting more close by.The Chinese New Year is the traditional festival of China country, the whole family has a reunion a ground of day, and everybody hopes the whole family sit to together have reunited rice.
Water wood university has already gone on vacation by three days, blue can the heart have already finished testing a period end to test the last section.Just have been would not liking to leave.The leaf autumn asks her to when return to each time of time, she will find out various reason of each kind to give reason.
Although leaf autumn have nothing at all tells her, the son ground is delicate girl, she still detects leaf's autumn ground emotion not very normal.
The autumn of the leaf is from the blue apartment after being moved away, in this golds all the mansion bought a set house.Three rooms are two halls, blue can heart after the school goes on vacation, also move to come over, good convenience care leaf autumn.
Being blue can the heart put slippers by the side of the feet of leaf autumn and put the shoes that he strips off after shoe rack again.Say:"Originally wanted to settle tomorrow's ticket.But the person, who line up, is too many, didn't buy today."
"I buy a ticket for you in the evening."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"Need not.The Gu man has already settled a ticket for me.Tonight of."Being blue can not give up to basically have no way dissimulation ground to live on ground of heart face.
"Ticket?You----The time that came last time how takes train?Do I still think that you are for dressing up as good convenience of poor people to take school fees."
Being blue can the heart Yan mouth Jiao smile and say:"My house is advertising for state.There is no airport.If take airplane ground words, also need to transfer to take train.I suspicion bother, directly bought train ticket.Really can not buy a ticket this time, father is all day long urging me to return to, the Gu man bought airplane ticket for me.Felt hungry?Haven't I cooked a meal.You drink some lentil soups first, I now cook a meal."

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