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"Once get in touch with."The autumn of the leaf says.
"You can from where does she know your life experience.She will tell yours."
The autumn of the leaf is with full intention excited, a ground of answer that oneself looks for is publishing.
"Good.Two Yas worked well meal.Is true joss-stick.Unfortunately, you could not smell."The old man son Xi hip-hop admires ground to say.
"You this sentence really need a scolding."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"Scold.Scold my ground person Be getting more.When do I have ever cared again?"Old man son ground the voice leave a words tube and say:"Two Yas pour cup flower wine for me."
The autumn of the leaf feels that delivering in throat is sweet, the old headman makes by fermentation in person of flower wine but ratio what red wine the flavor liked a hundredfold.Unfortunately, oneself time have never drunk for a long time.
His pouring is to know to make wine formula, can also find out those raw materials.Just.All of inside in the city those flowers are artificials development of.All of insides were chemical fertilizers and agrochemical, even if made by fermentation.Flavor also the impurity is positive.
Spread the sound of Dong Dong in words tube, that is the voice that the old headman is touched a shot words tube with the wine cup.
"The autumn of the leaf toasts."The old headman says.
The autumn of the leaf also raises a red wine cup, slightly knocked to knock a words tube and said:"Toast."
On Chinese New Year's Day, walk to visit time that the friend makes New Year's visits in person.
The autumn of the leaf is still sleeping lazy feel time, received the telephone of joy.Say he greatly strengthens and comes over to make New Year's visit for leaf autumn with Lee.The autumn of the leaf promised and then and in a hurry got up to tidy up some kind of.Helped him the thing for buying the type of some dried melon seeds candies in the winter night of Ran yesterday so much, all otherwise had no thing to treat quest.
2 people sat to in a short while walk, the leaf autumn also opened a car to make ceremonial call.
Last night and the master son talked on the phone, was given by him was going to visit him of some past hand over old know.Have the leaf the master son of Han Jia Han, Ran master son in Ran house that the autumn has been already acquainted with, also have a few pasts the leaf autumn have never got in touch with, but come behind also enthusiasm invite his old man.For example Liao's house, Huang Jia, 100 inside house.
Sometimes, the leaf autumn still really believes that old headman in the home ever moved city China to lead.How can there is so deep person otherwise vein net?Exactly experienced what matter, make him keep off a capital city to run to deep Shan-li a live is how many decades?
However, to what old headman says what girls from prominent families resist elder sister's LOLI hurl bosom to send to embrace of the words are how to can't believe, eithers.
The autumn of the leaf refused their lunch invitations after giving the cloth master the son to make New Year's visit again, drive car to in a hurry rush through toward Su Hang.Today but wise make a phone call to come over in person, let the leaf have lunch in the past for autumn.
The father-in-law invites in person, which can not go?
The weather in the Yan city is dry cold, but Su Hang is that the weather Yin is cold, cold idea be like from inside drill out generally.The autumn of the leaf just stopped a car outside Chen Jia's front door, a small Ya Huan in the doorway then the surprise ground shouted a way:"The Gu Ye came back.The Gu Ye came back."
Be shouting and running to come over the hand and foot hemp benefit ground to help a leaf to open big iron gate for autumn.
Come back?
These three words imitate a Buddha to break up a cold idea sort.Let leaf for autumn the center of earth inside is warm a while.Thus the ground words makes him have a kind to go home warm and fragrant feeling.
The autumn of the leaf arrives car yard inside.The small Ya Huan cannily comes over to draw back a car door for him.The autumn of the leaf says with a smile:"Thank."
The female kid smiles the ground of Xi Xi to say need not.It is madam and young lady to make her take aim in the front door to hit the ground.
It is saying.But wise husband and wife and Chen Mo Nong faced out.
But wise say with a smile:"All lead noon.Originally think that you can't come.Or the Mo Be thick to say that you will definitely come.We hasn't been opening a seat.Wait you to come over to have lunch."
The autumn of the leaf saw an eye being dressed in white underclothing and outside being covered with a Chen Mo Nong's one eye that opens Jin sweater.Say with a smile:"BE visiting a few friends while receiving your telephone, be over after rushed through to come over.Time still held up.Uncle's aunt need not wait me, isn't a guest again."

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