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"It doesn't matter.The belly is again not hungry.I am to go out visit friend for one morning, just just came back.We are front and back feet.Walk, enter a house.Rice has been already worked well."
On the dining table, but wise start to talk about Chen Shi in nowadays for the very happy.Ever since Guo Jia falls from power.Chen Jia became to biggestly be subjected to a benefit square of an after, Chen Shi got into the orbit of rapid development.Not only only is a few items got hold of on the family Guo's hand, at real estate, conveyance, and seafood export...etc. some aspects also had breakthrough.
Matter not exactly someone, who gives timely assistance, will do, but Mian up add a floral person but numerous.Come to look for cooperation ground a person when more developing is quick Xu also is many.Although Chen Shi hasn't got into big benefits repay to expect,the stand has already spread to open at least now.Already the beginning has an embryo of small group.
"Being a kind for a day is really an a day kind.If isn't me the work is in Chen Shi, can't believe."
But wise and leaf autumn after touching one cup, the wine in the cup one stem but exert., And then become a ground of grief to get up:"Mo thick his grandpa has been expecting Chen Jia of rising, regrettable.His wishes carried out, but had no an opportunity to have a liking for one eye now."
Hence leaf the autumn and Chen Mo Nong start comforting again but wise, but wise see an in the moment good female good son-in-law, is also a big old bosom Wei, without intermission with leaf the autumn touch a cup, until give° oneself to infuse to pour.
After the lunch, room of leaf autumn.
Chen Mo Nong part Ning the hot towel wipe face for autumn for leaf, simultaneously say:"My daddy didn't drink so much wine for a long time very much, today in good humor.So drink to too many.He made me make a phone call to make you come over to have New Year's Eve dinner yesterday, you didn't come, my daddy thinks antinomy that we make.Had New Year's Eve dinner ground yesterday time wine don't drink and get up to urge me to make a phone call for you again behind today.I say late some dozens, have never thought him for he beat past."
The leaf autumn bitterness says with a smile:"No wonder that uncle so early make a phone call for me, originally still have already returned so matter son.See, my this son-in-law is very satisfied."
Chen Mo Nong stands on the part not to talk, after seeing a leaf once wipe face for autumn, from the his hand in once connected a towel.After wetting with the hot water again, just the Ning opens Liang to get up.
The autumn of the leaf walks over there and hugs Chen Mo Nong's waist limb from the behind, the nose devouringly smells smell the body of Chen Mo Nong up that like the flavor of orchid such as the Xin and asks a way:"Is leading ground at home good?"
Chen Mo Nong lightly sighs and says:"I am very good.Chen Shi now work very fluently, no longer be like before so, regardless do what matters are all all the difficulties, always have a kind to lack the ability to do a ground of felling.-----Is Tang Guo not so bad?"
The autumn of the leaf thinks of the last time scene for 2 people to meet.The in the mind also has some exclamation.Originally live in the same house of in.The distance is thus of near, the tentacle is within the reach of.
But everyone's an is from the blue apartment in moved away behind.Then already the thing is a person not.To speak a lot of words the innumerable words turns to make one to sigh.
"O.K..Just----Lose."Thinking of Tang Guo, that fine makeup can not also cover up an exhausted face, the leaf autumn in the mind is also really a heartache.
Chen Mo Nong's facial expression is gloomy, say:"She has never been subjected to so many bitternesses.Uncle Tang hasn't come to, she nearby a close relatives all had no.The autumn of the leaf pleases, for me look after good she."
"My meeting of."The autumn of the leaf tightly hugs the body that Chen Mo Nong has a full figure.
"What about treasure son?Does she have connection with you?"Chen Mo Nong one face expectation the ground ask a way.
"Have no."The autumn of the leaf shakes head.Originally he still wants to go to today Lin Jia visit of, but feel that the opportune moment in nowadays isn't suitable for very much, and the treasure son wasn't at home again, then gave up.
"She didn't also contact with me.The time that just walks once gives me an information, didn't have connection any further."Chen Mo Nong sadly says very much.Immediately after again oneself comforts a way:"Possible troops in have already kept secret regulation.There are a lot of matters in the outside aring bodies not from already."
"H'm.They will come back."The leaf autumn comforter says.
Tang Guo and Lin Bao Ers are like Chen Mo Nong's two kids and separate with them, Chen Mo Nong always feels the in the mind being empty to fall.It is all life that forgets a blue apartment inside intentionally at ordinary times, paralyzes himself/herself with the heavy work.

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