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2 people could not controled feelings ground to start to talk about that this has some depressive topics again.The heart also again feels that that departure brings a ground of sorrow.
"I am about to return to in the afternoon."The head of leaf autumn leans on Chen Mo Nong softly shoulders, say in the her ear side.Chen Mo Nong's ear is fine lovely.It is like transparent general.The white jade is tiny and red, ask for a person to love more.There is small pinprick, but didn't wear any decoration."Is so quick?"Chen Mo Nong is surprised to exhale a voice.This sentence exposed her mood a while.
The autumn of the leaf has never thought Chen Mo Nong meeting performance ground so lose, probably was this day to experience too many departures, to thus of affair comparison sensitive.
Say with a smile:"Have a matter me to really want to make to understand.All thought for more than 10 years.There is an opportunity now, I am really impatient to go under etc. again."
"H'm.Go to.I will explain toward the Mom and Dad."Chen Mo Nong resumed a quiet mood.In a soft voice say.Just the leaf autumn lies prone on her shoulder, talks with her for a ground of time to exhale to subterranean heat spirit to blow to kiss her ear and lets her feels the ground of Yang Yang.
Because the leaf autumn embraces ground too tight, her fee some energies just move body to a little bit open some.Unexpectedly this some kind of frictions but stimulated a leaf ground for autumn desire, the private parts stands erect a while, strong and toughly thing crest at plentiful smooth Chen Mo Nong softly hip up.
Chen Mo Nong is greatly abashed, frighten ground a move all don't dare to move.She although and leaf the autumn sexual behavior happened, now but in broad daylight, they haven't led career like this.
The autumn of the leaf depends ground with her so tight.The felling ground arrives her to hurriedly jump about ground with dirty and steaming hot of body, smile to say by the side of the her ear:"Exercise in fact is also alleviate grievously a kind of method."
"?"Chen Mo Nong is greatly abashed.The affectation doesn't understand a leaf to talk meaning for autumn.
"Sport can also produce calories.The movable activity in big winter, the effect shows Zhao more."The autumn of the leaf continues to say and there isn't to reach eyes ground not to give up power.
Certainly, the man all has this son persistent strength in this aspect.
Although Chen Mo Nong doesn't talk,the breath is more and more urgent, the body is also more and more soft.The legs have no dint, the whole strength of body would not° until depend on a leaf for autumn of prop up stand firm.
The right hand bottom of leaf autumn moves, lightly rubs in Chen Mo Nong's belly and says:"Want to be not.Do I do an experiment for you first?Only need three minutes, the temperature on the my hand will heat up, the temperature of your belly will also heat up."
The autumn of the leaf talks for a ground of time, the hand has already uncovered Chen Mo Nong's underclothing lower hem, then directly stretches into, on the lower abdomen that she is smooth such as the jade top and bottom ambulation, return ever and anon stretch out a finger to lightly order her navel.
Experiment of leaf autumn very successful, and far far above anticipate effect.
After several minutes, the temperature on the leaf's autumn hand really heated up.But Chen Mo Nong isn't only only the temperature of belly to heat up, the whole body all fire the hot fire is hot.
When the leaf autumn unties her underwear from the back, a confidence lives that same steaming hot even some hot person's ground plump chest, Chen Mo Nong the Ying Ning is a , have regard for any further get not what, body such as Hong hair general, drive leaf the autumn lightly float ground to put to pour on the bed.
Because experiment ground success, so when the leaf autumn gets into Chen Mo Nong's body the inside is already a muddy one.
There is no bar.2 people combine by the most close way together.You win to have me.I win to have you.
Chen Mo Nong's moan is very reserved, even if when oneself to heart's content arrives extremity.Will also strongly suppress own throat, oneself doesn't want to call ground too loudly.
Leaf autumn now already non- incapable person, not only only know that the underwear button can open on the behind, sometimes also will open fore noodles.So, leaf autumn while touching other people's chest, always conveniently wear to touch a see a front to have button.Anyway also just 32 seconds, the province must carelessly throw to smell.
After the first-time leaf autumn and Sung Yu book that not and successfully had sexual love on the car, the leaf autumn always felt to can't raise head in all women's in fronts.Afterwards because Lin Bao Er's ground false leaf autumn one dragon drama double Feng, and end with the carriage persistence of the victor till the last, this just makes him find back some self-confidence.

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