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Have again Japan the innumerable woman and minority of inauguration females of Euro-American method virtuous etc. countries pass network or other outlets of long range instruction and education, the leaf autumn has already had taking off of quality to change.
Japan the generation learned a small spring hat of master west to once say:Man, the Yao is dressed in clothes more than money.Want Yao, strip naked bigger than bird.
Ye Qiu feels that if come back primitive society.Everyone takes off ground very bare and very the walking of post-modernism is on the road, he must be the king of 100 birds.
Ye Qiu knows that lie prone on woman in addition to working hard to rush and swerve about madly, also want to hard touch her ground, the chicken orders.H'm, this thing to the woman is very desperately.If if the words held out for long time will make them have the felling to urinate.
This is the so-called female to shoot Jing.Certainly.The general woman can't realize.
Love her, make her urinate.
The autumn of the leaf follows this sentence, is making great effort so dry ground of time, but the doorway suddenly rang out a knocking on door of Dong Dong voice.
"The autumn of the leaf sees the Mo being getting thicker?"The voice that outside rings out a mother-in-law in the door.
Could you don't see?BE pressing under the body.Ye Qiu thinks a way.
Lowered the head to see one eye because previous high tide but the facial expression become a ground of rosy, legs Gao highland lifts, 2 people's private parts returns drive a strong and toughly the object link together and bite in mouth the pillow don't let Chen Mo Nong whom oneself produces a sound, say:"See.Aunt.What matter?"
"Where?Is the shell gram loose to come over to make New Year's visit, your uncle is getting lyinger paralyzed by drink, must come out personal under the entertainment."Chen Mu says.
"Okay.The Mo was thick to seem a behind.I now seek her, then we are together past."The autumn of the leaf promises to say.
After the step voice that waits until Chen Mu far goes, Chen Mo Nong just breath a sigh of relief and softly lie at bed up.Just she is a body to tightly collapse, the hearts all hanged a throat eye.
"The person of the visitor, we hurry son be over."Ye Qiu says, sped to sprint of speed and strength.
"----"Chen Mo Nong suffers to suddenly assault and shouted loudly an after, hurriedly again give°ed the pillow to fill into mouth inside.
Wait until a leaf for a time for going out for autumn and Chen Mo Nong .Her legs all beat to float.Starting to walk road to come is very careful, is like that the kid who unsteadily learns a step fears to trip and fall down.
In succession high tide exhaustion the energy of her whole body, see a leaf for autumn steal to smile in a side, ruthlessly stared his one eye.
"The leaf is little, disappear for several days, the elegant appearance remainses.The Mo is thick, happy new year, the source of money widely enters.Chen Shi is Su this year the black horse of person's eyeball is most attracted to the Hang commercial circles, source of money's widely entering ground to wish a phrase is in fact a sign?If the Chen Shi underneath industry has the plan to become available in the market.Can get to advance to receive for my dozen voice."The shell gram is loose to be brand-newly dressed in western dress, a face smiles an idea to say lucky words.
Nearby stand a beauty with outstanding qualities, lovely stand on the shell gram loose nearby.The positive Rao has fascination ground to conjecture a leaf autumn and Chen Mo Nong.
Did the Hang persons of Su all pass on a message Chen Jia to seek a bodyguard to be a son-in-law,was at present this man?It is a bodyguard to look qualities to be different from.
"Ha ha, the shell is little to be getting more polite.You also happy new year.This BE?"The autumn of the leaf points at a shell gram the woman who is nearby loose to say.
Although there has been answer in the heart,still needs to ask for a while.If hastily calling is wrong, that but let person's joke.
"Teng Yi.My end marries wife."The shell gram is loose to pull a woman ground to say."Wish a leaf little today affirmation will return to Su Hang, so take Teng Yi to come over to make New Year's visit.Unexpectedly still really rush through a rightness."Teng the surname isn't Su Hang's eminent family to hope a clan, pour is that there is one big faction in Yan city with Xing Teng of is head.The shell gram is loose to climb ascend that argosy?
The autumn of the leaf inwardly guesses.Wish.Hereafter still want to loosen to make a good relation with shell gram.
The autumn of the leaf stretches hand and the Teng Yi held handshake and said with a smile:"The shell has much of less taste."
"The leaf is little to be getting more polite.My pouring is an I've long been looking forward to meeting you leaf little name."The Teng Yi says with a smile.

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