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Leaf autumn guess ground right, the Teng Yi is really Teng surname in the Yan city parties of a daughter of leading figure.But Teng Yi of so say an I've long been looking forward to meeting you leaf the autumn name isn't the of Yan city, but of Su Hang's bodyguard son-in-law.The Teng Yi has been going into business in the circumlittoral city and has the big department time to live in Hong Kong, didn't understand to the business of Yan city how much.
After waiting until a shell gram a loose leave-taking, the leaf autumn also puts forward to occupy to return to processing in the Yan city.Chen Mu is unwilling to part, say that did the one family just just have reunited rice, how wanted again hasty leave.And wise also the wine come to get up and hear that the leaf autumn wants to walk, it is in every possible way to request also to stay.Or Chen Mo Nong's help seek lend, leaf autumn just can leave.
The car just ascended the Yan Su's superhighway.See wait Han You in the street corner to traverse.
The autumn of the leaf traverses car to nearby come to a stop at Han You, presses a car window and says with a smile:"It is young to traverse good fascination.Chinese New Year's Day of, run to come to appreciate scenery to here."
Han You traverses to pass in the past a smoke and helped a leaf to spark for autumn, oneself also sparked an empress.Just say with a smile:"The noon has to arrive news and say to is that the leaf returned less Su Hang.Have already led noon at that time, also ashamed bother a leaf little had a reunion with family.Originally want to visit in the afternoon, and then hear the shell gram is loose past.You know, we ground relation----Be different from Su Hang in past now four little of time .So, can wait for a leaf here little, directly do obeisance to also have a some sincerity for a year."
"Thank."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.Although know that Han You traverses to do so to not necessarily come from this heart, he can the form is this carriage, still keep making people delighted very much.In the conflict of oneself and the Yan pleasant breeze.Any strength is all very important for oneself.
Vomited smoke, say:"There is Guo Cheng that shine on a ground of news?"
"His lucky, be connected spirited to send to the United States.I am an after the event to just get of news.Sent a person to seek him in the past.But have no an opportunity to begin.Connect the spirited helped him to contact with Guo Cheng Yang's old department before, be subjected to their protection now.Over there, they the geography dint still keep standing the earth.We can not send too many people again past, can opportunity to wait for."Han You traverses to sorrily say.
He holds tight a vital part Dou ground this time every family Guo break a person to forget, thoroughly the Hang power satge disappears from Su.Was regarded as to ruthlessly win one Chang.Ran a key person Guo Cheng shine on, always disaster.
"Is awake he ground trend."The autumn of the leaf says."He necessarily will think the way still has what Chen Jia revenge to you.I don't care how you cope with, but want to promise family's safety."
"Stop worrying.I will keep in mind."Han You traverses to nod to say.
"Happy new year."The autumn of the leaf would burn the cigarette of half to flick go open to and towarded Han You Ling to after flicking wave hand launch car.
Chinese New Year period.The car of high-speed road is very few, the leaf autumn displays his/her own car skill with all strength, whitely the son of east is like a silver evil spirit, all the way crazy Mao.
The autumn of the leaf eager to return home.
Leaf autumn the last night listenned to the old headman be said from the violet where know he or she's father's news, think immediately to seek her in the past.But yesterday was Lunar New Year's Eve, the violet perhaps also wanted to have a reunion with family.Oneself even if again hasty, also want again wait a minute.
Morning also thinks to be past, but want to visit the old man whom those old headmans once gave an account again.According to China country ground rules, afternoon to make New Year's visit for person is the matter that doesn't respect.It is special to those important persons.Is also extremely don't respect.
The original plan anyway wants to seek her in the afternoon, the but again received a Chen Mo Nong father but wise telephone, have to again postpone time.
The autumn of the leaf has been thinking that he or she is an orphan.
Certainly, he is also really an orphan.Because he have no the father have no mother.Even if have, he has never seen as well.
But, the old headman says that he is to have a father.And the meaning in the words, in seem to be still to conceal a lot of secrets.
The old headman has never spoken the business concerning parents for oneself, he even doesn't speak anything for he.This and leaf the autumn once saw of the novel about swordsmens are different, because of those novel in.The leading role is taking leave teacher ground for time.

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