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Rich brocade king so on saying, the talented person who stand at the leaf autumn nearby knows, originally in front's looking here woodenheaded guy is Anne who was legendary to connect to rise six classes to break the Tang to promote rule ground to protect a director, leaf, for autumn.Those two young female kids who just still spoke of her embarrassedly smiled and ashamedly once turned a face to go.
"With you compare bad far."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile."They all just at discuss you."
"Discuss me what?"The one face of rich brocade king smiles idea ground to ask a way and conjecture a leaf very in earnest autumn.It is said that.This man is her confident.
"The discussion is that that woman is so lucky, can get your close Mei."The autumn of the leaf is also same to be conjecturing rich brocade king.True mean person is very and easily deal with, smile the hypocrite of inside knife but make people have a headache very much.
"Ha ha, this problem very quick everyone knew."Rich brocade king roars with laughter ground to say.
The elevator arrives a station, rich brocade king sits ascend to the elevator of group headquarters, the leaf autumn looking at his grounds figure to contemplate.
The Lily is Tang Guo to like most of flower, he wants to pursue of is the woman Tang Guo?
Wang Hou Hua is a group second shareholder, is also the vice- president of group, descend govern the Tang's business section in Asia and greatly expand department two vital part sections.He is to follow Tang Bu Yi to beat river's mountain together, before Tang Bu Yi's end can get helping of Lin Jia, the resources concerning government is always been providing by him.
The Tang of ex- expect to develop with him and have closely a relation, it is the minister of having a great achievement of group to calculate up.This is also that he gets into the Tang to serve as a board of directors to the arrangement Tang Guo of Tang Bu Yi chairman dissatisfiedly reason.In his in the mind, line up generation according to the quality, should also round to oneself is just right.
In the group 13th floors, his office's this floor is a number that avoids as taboo very much in the west.But he is to like very much, or, he combines the thing that can't be subjected to these to take to have the factor of Xuan Huan and religious color influence.
Without restraint.No matter is work or is a person.This is also the key that he can walk this position till today.This world, you are more you to return to matter son and also haven't results to show for more possible matter.
So, the time that at the beginning chooses office, he chose 13 this numbers on his own initiative.Because he knows that other board directors can't like.
Also positive because he of this kind of do style, his popularity is unexpectedly very quite good.And those inferiorities also give up hope Ta ground to him, let Tang Guo of getting into the Tang just raise a step only Jian.On deciding of some gravenesseses, acquisition get of support vote didn't°yet his many, sometimes still have to depend the biggest position of shareholder to compulsorily promote.
Tang Guo also knows also at the right moment falling into Wang Hou Hua's trap so.Because time is getting longer, own prestige will be all gone.Or, have him at, oneself forever all hard establishment prestige.
Wang Hou Hua just while seeing the contract first draft that the secretary drafts in office, outside rang out to knock on door a voice.
"Come in."Wang Hou Hua shouts a way.He knows, if other persons see around, secretary set affirmation will make a phone call to come over a report.Can directly hurtle to oneself doorway, secretary's but again has never made a phone call to come over to make collective report of, affirmation is his/her own baby, son, Wang Jin Xiu, , .
Rich brocade king's a hand pushes door but goes into, the bosom holds that big Cu Lily.Say:"Daddy, and then changed a secretary?Did you know for not afraid my mama it's jealous?"
Wang Hou Hua ha ha the ground smile.Say:"Eat what vinegar.All need for the sake of the work."
Swept 1 that to hold bulb of lily.Lifted to lift a bridge top ground glasses.Smile to ask a way:"How?Haven't formally come to companies to report.Have already made selection a target?"
"Yes.Early choose.Before have some to shrink at the sight of it.However determined confidence just now."Rich brocade king says with a smile.
"?"Wang Hou Hua is interested inly greatly an appearance."Has the Tang inside still already made you shrink at the sight of it a ground of women?"
"Have.Only 1."Rich brocade king nods.
"Tang Guo?"The Wang Hou Hua's face last smiling face solidified.
"The old daddy is astute."Rich brocade king's cachinnation."How?I give you the daughter-in-law of the choice quite good?"
Wang Hou Hua ponders not to talk, the body is soft to lean on an owner of chair up, weigh rich brocade king to do a ground of gain and loss like this.

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