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wait for the father's answer.He knows that should understand oneself to do so a ground of beneficial place with the father's intelligence.
Indeed as expected, rich brocade king is suddenly straight body, the applause ground looking at a son.Say with a smile:"Since decide of matter, make an effort to do.You young man ground feeling love I don't participate as well, each with skill.I will support you with all strength."
Rich brocade king says with a smile:"Daddy.I am to come to want what you support.You refuse to budge so with her all day long, I have heart to make track for, also not necessarily so will the somebody else give us good facial expression to see?Want to be not, the your relationship with her is slow a slow?"
Wang Hou Hua shakes head and says:"Son, this aspect you are still delicate.I tell you, I more force her, you the ground successfully hope that the meeting is more high."
Rich brocade king wanted to think, one face surprise the ground say:"Is indeed as expected oldly hot.I am getting more understand.Old daddy.This matter all of me please
.This can relate to my for life happiness, you can to the utmost order son heart.You trust, I can't changed you to the new secretary's business to tell old mama again."
"Smelly boy runs to threaten me?"
"Do not dare.Daddy, can having the further news provide?"Rich brocade king smiles the ground of Xi Xi to ask a way.Secretly, the his relationship with father is very quite good.
"10:00 will open a board director to meet a meeting.You can pass by at 10:30."
"It is understand."Rich brocade king gets time of assurance, a face smiles idea ground to walk out.
"Remember to report a ground of matter son to the business section."Wang Hou Hua gives repeated advice to a way in the behind.
Finance department is in the Tang's 15th floors in the mansion, this is the group center of earth dirty section, is also most close to a president ground mansion.The finance department is promoted at first by Tang Bu Yi of the confident controls all alone.This is also Tang Guo to get into the Tang to quickly develop the reason of a series of work.
Money doesn't use to doubt to the person's ground importance, you are also a superman to buy a pants set proves in the outside you's ground identity be not?
The autumn of the leaf was taken person to check fire fight ground to lead the 15th floors for time at first, knew this whole site that the floor was all finance department and to the utmost showed wealth atmosphere thick true colors.
When the autumn of the leaf knocked to open the room door of accounting the wealth section, one wore a beautiful girl of black uniform ground son uprising, ask a way:"How are you, which do you seek?"
"I am Anne to protect a ground leaf autumn.Come to Anne who apply for this year to protect budget, should by whom be responsible for?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
".You are the leaf's autumn."Girl son surprise the ground call a way.
"It is me."The leaf autumn wry smile writes to nod.
The original other people say that they are a man of the hours of group, he still doesn't believe.He was to believe now.While seeming everybody to hear his name.Will peep out so and in astonishment a facial expression.
In fact mainly still leaf the autumn is to the cognition shortage of the he or she post promoted.The Tang is very abundant in preparing and planning human resource, a position will have spare quite a few.And rise one class each time, treatment will the liberal quite a few is doubly.Some person's cooks just have a promoted ground opportunity for several years.
Anne protects vice- director, Zhang Zhan, of department to even if have tough backstage, must also start to do from a common bodyguard.Just getting stripe speed is quickly some, but has already let a person Cha tongue.Be like a leaf for autumn this kind of connecting to rise six classes are also ends to have before the groups, so wide for spread.
But of so spread so quickly, also have reason be, someone says that the leaf is the person of new appointee president for autumn, 2 people relate to closely.To know regardless all of the company, the grapevine concerning leadership is that the dissemination is most widely quickest.So the leaf autumn became the Tang's celebrity.
".Section chief piece is responsible for this.Please follow me."Girl's son also knows his/her own facial expression too much concussion, the apology ground smiles and did an invitation ground signal.
The autumn of the leaf followed her to once wear one to transact area and walked to knock to knock on door to the front of an office, in spread to go forward a ground of orotund after, girl's son went in to make collective report 1.See shape emaciated, wear to have no frame glasses ground a man to come out to greet.
"Leaf's director?You good how are you.It is long heard of your great reputation."Section chief piece passionately and leaf the autumn shake hands.

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