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"Is polite what?We hereafter make contact with and the rise for a ground of time."
The result of talks is very satisfied, the leaf autumn passes the detailed list that he or she apply for to purchase in the past, section chief piece saw 1 time, soon criticize to reply.The autumn of the leaf come of time, Huang Ying still reminds he, finance department to the expenditure of each section with the degree examine very strictly, may let to cut one partial amount of money, having never thought will be so smooth.
Leaf autumn elevator ground time.At the right moment meet Zhang Zhan and his girl friend to come over.The woman who wore sexy and red windbreaker last time thoroughly makes only superficial change today, a face ivory cuts the occupation suit of matching the body and curls hair dish to peep out a clean forehead on the head.On the face simple attire, OL ground in an office dresses up.Black thin Gao Gen, black net sock, very sexy.
See a leaf for autumn from the elevator in come out, Zhang Zhan Leng humed a , then the Ye wore a woman ground to entered elevator.The woman saw leaf's one eye for autumn, then again
Nightmare such as floral of changed direction Zhang Zhan.
See he proud earth's surface feeling, does his girl friend also want to the Tang to go to work?
Shook to shake head, these wasn't the business of him.
Tang Guo Han the face walk to the office.The small face is photogenic is knotted layer ice.The assistant thunder-storm and secretary Mary follows behind in quick time, a left a rightly hug her.
Push away luxurious office ground of oneself door, Tang Guo indignantly clips the document in the hand to hit on the table and start to carry tea son of tea and drinks infuse one spirit after, in the mind ground wrath just be suppressed some."You said, Wang Dong why want so persistence ground the proposal that answer criticism me?Have to him what advantage?"Tang Guo looking at thunder-storm to ask a way.
The thunder-storm deliberates reason, but have no immediately openings answer.Today's few important leaderships meet a meeting, Tang Guo's proposal encounters Wang Hou Hua's objection, 2 people the lips gun tongue sword the ground fought very for a while.Tang Guo's two proposals didn't pass.The subject finally has to put off.
"May be the benefits that Wang Dong feels this damage arriving him.Open a source chemical engineering after all before had been being his person be being responsible for, Tang Dong put forward in the chemical engineering factory to in great quantities promote to appoint a young staff, oneself is a kind of change to of the cent right acts.But in response to university student elite the talented person foster a plan----This I not clear why is he opposing.Although previous president Wang Fu has intention to see branching with Tang Dong,still keeps keeping principle ground on the work.Today, the atmosphere is a bit weird."
The young men all easily excite, Tang Guo also no longer got angry after calming down and started cutting and polishing hanging of inside machine.
Thunder-storm and Mary silently the voice backed out.While being about to work.An office secretary held a Cu Lily to come over and said:"Thunder assistant.This is what Wang Dong's secretary delivers.Want to send to Tang Dong."
Tang Guo is also a full face to puzzle after receiving a flower, is this what mean?And oneself Dou an empress, then again send flower to apologize?But also have no a necessity to send a Lily?
When see arrive then in the label of fall a style after, Tang Guo a while suddenly and greatly take charge of.Hum, this old fox, it are that a dozen of grounds are wishful thinking to pour.
Rich brocade king pursues the news of group president Tang Guo not to know a quilt who spread to go out, a while the people of this world all know.The population devolution of not only only Tang's employee even connects to the sense of smell intelligent media reporters to all find out news and runs to the Tang to stay by the side to scoop out news.
This tidbits imitates a Buddha is one needle super big the excitement for measuring help, everybody with excited look the speaking about write.The son of group a board director pursues the tallest representative director of group,is this it remaining of the work that bestly talk a property?
Anyway, all of rich brocade kings are the first person who eats crabs, this kind of Yong in try a ground of spirit Be worth lauding.
Previously, can no one think that he or she entitles to pursue Tang Guo, one owns a city value more than 48,000,000,000 China currency a huge sum of wealths beautiful woman.
Even if the appearance that neglects her, only want her forehead up of that is giddily long string of to let number ground number can setback the men self-confidence.

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