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The thunder-storm also slowly lays up smiling face.In earnest consider Tang Guo to do so intention.As one get dint assistant, most importantly want to diligently keep up with leadership ground way of thinking.It is a failure ground otherwise.
Zhang Zhan also heard the rumours that rich brocade king pay address toward Tang Guo, the in the mind banded together a ground of dying to live.
He and leaf autumn at enmity with, originally still think an opportunity to seek Dou to across him.Can if Tang Guo accepted rich brocade king's courtship, so the seat of president Tang Guo will stabilize more.The autumn of the leaf is what Tang Dong lifts to pull out all alone, oneself hereafter still use what and his Dou?
Even if believe that the sow can ascend a tree, Zhang Zhan can not also believe that the leaf can have with president Tang for autumn what super comity of near concern.
All people all have no leaf the autumn is dish vegetables, just feel he is control breath super well the boy is just.
The discussion voice like this spread to a leaf for autumn naturally of ear inside.But he ignores completely.Still devote one's mind but in earnest is oneself ground work.
Reinforce, reinforce.Constantly reinforce, until become the Tang impregnable fortress, there is no surveillance blind spot.
After Lyu Biao makes collective report completion of work to make to go out, the leaf autumn just started to carry table ground pure tea, the cellular phone in the pocket has been already rung.
"Feed, winter son, have what matter?"The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"Is the autumn of the leaf working?"The Ran clear and crisp voice spreads winter night.
"H'm.Is just right to have a little a son spare time time."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
"Hey Hey, God knows that I want to make a phone call for you and exclusively reserved time for me."The Ran self-satisfiedly smiled very much winter night.
The autumn of the leaf originally meant to say he or she not to believe god's of, but thought of Christmas that evening she devoted one's minded while making a wish of appearance, hurriedly suppressed to return to.
"What matter?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
"Hum, your this person really has no sentimental appeal.Did the somebody else missed you to thought to say not to go with you?Is all right, that I made a long story short.Because the first album sells of quite good, for expressing appreciation a fan, the company prepares to make a label to sell an activity.The representative director of company makes me ask you, don't also is the on the spot bright mutually?He says if have you at, the effect will be better."
Ran winter night the ground is orotund in be full of a happy composition, think to he has no little lift a hand to in this matter.
Ye Qiu wanted to think, or refused and said:"Winter son, I am afraid when the time comes me to have no time.Will be very busy for these several days."
"So?"Ran the voice winter night a while Yan."I know to is this result."
The autumn of the leaf also some remaining hearts cant not bear to, say:"The label sells will where hold?"
"New world square."
"New world square?Where leave me to go to work a ground of place very near.Winter son, not and so, you tell me time, I go over and have a look when the time comes.Doing not walk before appearing on stage is seen by the medium arrive not good."The leaf autumn comforter says.
"Hum, have what not and well?They love how to write how write, we deny have to not?"Ran the voice winter night again float in the sky, although the leaf autumn would not like to walk to before the set, can go to the spot, her in the mind also felt very contented.
Be in love medium ground female kid be so, regardless do anything, all hope that the oneself beloved man can participate in.She will also come out she's a the most beautiful noodles demonstration.
After Ran Dong Ye told the leaf the label to sell it of meeting for autumn to is 9:00 A.M. of two days empress, 2 people again chat several, this just hanged a telephone.Ran winter night one cannon but red, is also become big favour person.The whole whole country flies around, various contract also constantly seeks to come and also had no too many time to come over to stick to a leaf an autumn.Although Tang Guo didn't accept the interview of medium, medium still big 4 groundses stir-fry to make.On the second day, the amusement masthead of each big newspapers are all newses that rich brocade king pays address toward Tang Guo.
"The bead allied wall matches, Wang Hou Hua's son pays address to the president of beauty-"
"The Tang's group beauty president's famous courtesan contains lord, originally the son of group pair president-

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