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Old Liao of body place storm center the slightest didn't become the self-conscious of star, the premiere be over made a phone call ice cloud to Su on that night and canned not found a person and have to go home to have a meal to take a shower a sleeping, it is a Mu to permit to pour blue fall two sisters to run into room to seek him, the air is very excited, also asked at that time many questions for taking movie.
Holidays be over on January 2, the instauration has a class and combs a , shaves a clean beard and changes the clothes of set nattiness to go to school.
The street corner meets red light, the parking waits for, flank street last someone called 1:"Liao learns a soldier!"Old Liao wishes:"Can't be call me?How can does someone know me?"Have not come yet and reaction, on the road 1210 pedestrians are both male and female, is old is little, turn head in succession in response to the way:"Ah calls me why?"
Call people of is a green dress young girl, whole body circle of the feather Rong take and wear knit fabric Dou on the head hat.A thin man emitted out and blocked in her front to say:"Is I it Liao that learn a soldier and seek me to have what matter?"
The young girl is shy with stranger to living ground to say:"You …… I not am call you ……"
Have a strong man the Ju that crowded that thin person open, pushed his Lie all alone again:"I am Liao to learn a soldier!You have no a matter to gather together what noisy?"
Followed many people to all drill out, the conflicting views ground said:"I am Liao to learn a soldier.""I am also Liao to learn a soldier.""I still Liao learn a soldier."
Was all doing lazy job yesterday one whole day, didn't know a premiere naturally of fierce, finally the guess not and deeply related to among them, oddly the Chou Chou was that person who helps to is noisy into one regiment, needed red light to change green light, dynasty the school have been already gone.
This all the way on, how wear so more break a ragged lousy divagation guitarist?Still have, facing the street broadcast in store of the song is quite good to listen to, seem Mu to permit ice of rain sing of, but why not only the store put, the broadcasting puts, is heavy screen in the market doorway also putting?Spread to this extent, the diva of ice rain the public appeal is indeed as expected outstanding.
Arrive at a school, round a lot of students in carport, the outdoor north wind is just strong, their nose jelly is red but have no be afraid, each raise head with hope, have of take notebook in hand, have of still take to write "Liao learns a soldier, I love you" of horizontal.
Chiu is big strange to beside drink to scold not only:"All have already had a class you to still stay to do what here?Don't hurry up Islam room again I your moral conduct the cent button up one naked.The campus being sacred allows of no to allow anyone to breach discipline!Wang Qi!What do you take the so greatly horizontal thing stem that writes the last dog dinner?Lay by quickly!The girls doesn't know to act with dignity 1:00 as well!Hasn't your parents taught you how to be good friends with good study?"Wish:"The dog Niang keeps ground, this must be kill Liao to learn the soldier intentionally bribes them to come to put on a show for the sake of the excellent teacher of election, too mean.Is too mean!However if be seen by the board of directors.It be a good attention.Liao learns a soldier still true he mama's ground be willing to put up capital and ask this to help the still difficult in attendance on student is than the big Ye, don't know to spend as well how much."
Old Liao just parked the car, more than 100 students dashed up and blocked Chiu in front of them big strange drive crowded the east poured west slanting, imitate if strong breeze book weed for leading."You, what title do you make?"Chiu is big strange to fluster, almost drive crowded pour, treat instauration to come over.Discovered clothes being hanged uped to break, the palm was many several ways row a scar, there are still on the leg a few fresh footprints, can not help jumping feet to lambaste:"You unexpectedly dare not to respect teacher!Is too unbridled!"

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