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Liao learns the old type several-storied building that the soldier comes out a red bean Chinese fir and makes a phone call for Mo Lao Wu:"Five Yes, the red bean Chinese fir company of the east city sunflower road is what background, can you give me the explaination explaination?"
"How, do you also want to put several money and intend to rout a rival first?Red bean Chinese fir also for 1200 people, however the usury is an exorbitant profits profession, so they have a good material, on the way not too someone dare to ask for.This all doesn't calculate what.The so-called four greatest goldses just were four stupid goods.I need to turn over a palm to let their ash fly smoke to put out."Mo Lao Wu's tone is more and more a small cow handstand-marvelous blunt sky of.However with his influence, if as for words that isn't marvelous, under charge none of person agrees.
"H'm, I hear what they still have an eldest brother of ……"
"Is a ground, this is exactly that I want to say ground, the red bean Chinese fir contains an eldest brother and is called Lin Yu, is a desperado, isolate one-self 800,000 to forbid soldier to teach a head.Probably decade front but sweep medium sea, loudly be be of person.The broad sword killed at that time an ayuntamiento councilman's whole family at that time at the end of century, whole country vibrate, be afterwards pursued and arrested by the police, had been disappearing till now, didn't find out a person up to now."
"That exterminates whole family murder case, I once read the news report, unexpectatively being the eldest brother of red bean Chinese fir at that time.No wonder that I mix afterwards black help have never listenned to this person's name.It originally and still is fleeing from home.Why doesn't the police tidy up a red bean Chinese fir?"
Mo Lao Wu is immediately many the idea of showing off for several cents:"Red bean Chinese fir so big source of money, give the Gu dynasty the sun monthly up provide, is that old boy willing to give up to give up?Besides dragging along is so long, the case is some to conclude without concrete result.The bitter lord whole family dies is naked, also the nobody so work hard to request to severely punish a murderer.It is said that Lin Yu is still controling from a distance a red bean Chinese fir, who don't know that this not darned guy when will come back as well, anyway each other benefits don't violate, so the nobody moves them."
Liao learns a soldier to gradually feel far from good, didn't appear for Lin Yu livelong eight years.Unexpectedly can prop up a red bean Chinese fir just with personal prestige the companies stand up like a forest in the mafia of in Ao in sea City sign so for a long time nobody to move them and stired up trouble to arrive in those early years situation to be imaginable how.Old Liao's university graduates behind just formally get into medium sea mafia, these old things of the past nobodies once lifted with him, oneself's mental derangement is 1, what to pursue is comfort and ease quite, can't even go to and understand to investigate on one's own initiative, until just know to originally have a lot of cow persons before him at this time.
Consider again.Does Lao Tze still fear that he doesn't become?Having no news last eight years in river's lake was captured by the police.Ascend noose, the world had, even if the world didn't die who can make me frightened?Hence say with smile:"Calculate, don't talk this, what teach a head not to teach a ground.My a friend calls Su's round, live a purple wood ■road, lend money in the red bean Chinese fir, I just sought molar in the past strong sold a debt, you helped me very good-looking see, don't make the molar strong to take him to give vent to anger be."
Speak of river lake legend, people always exaggerate its phrase, in the mind combine not exactly frightened, Mo Lao Wu's natureses can't put the escaped convict of eight year agos, either in the eye and say:"Like, your order, I do accordingly."
The double tailpipe bombs a scorching hot black smoke, Liao learns a soldier to hang a telephone and says to the younger brother of south:"Send the action that the person keeps watch on a red bean Chinese fir, the molar exaction has what excrescent reaction, drag along him with the iron chain three streets.I go first to go to a movie, leaf small white with autumn if get out of the hospital, notified me 1."
The making a phone call permits ice rain for Mu and just discovers that the premiere has been already ended.The fairy is used excited that the tone says:"The movie is very successful!Our effort didn't waste, did you hear, this is the voice of acclaim, everyone at call you, if nothing important importantly matter still at once come a , does none of them wish to leave."

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