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Liao learns a soldier Antworten

The student of the enthusiasm starts launching a vote and conveniently goes old Liao and seeks credit."What about teacher Liao?Classroom, offices didn't see his shadow of human figure.Cut class again?"
Su flies lazy ocean ocean of Hong way:"Today has never come."Wishing teacher so peculiar personality is uninterested to judge and decide an activity, straight-tempered don't come to take part in.
The whole campuses have never found out Liao to learn a soldier, he really cut class again, and the set was said with a big strange words of Chiu:"BE endure which can not endure, sacred of campus how permit next such shameless lout?"
The head day swallows at the mid-night not descend the molar of one breath strong the four greatest golds correcting to gather a red bean Chinese fir just took nearly 200 younger brothers carried on to the hooligan of Vinaceous Rosefinch street anti- rush toward.Still have letting of calculations to break tail at the same time soldier to divide two roads and rush through into purple road lane in Su's house.Oneself then lies on sickbed in the hospital to carry on remote control.
More than 100 big fellow materials begin a gun, tiny blunt, there is also a little amount AK47, excellent weapon, absolutely can be called to fight a brigade especially.Hooligan before old nest candlelight the bar was beaten into sparse Ba Lan, died two younger brothers that saw a son.
At 2:00 A.M., Liao learns the urgent telephone that the soldier receives Zhu Xiang and says that the one family of Su's round were just robbed by the red bean Chinese fir to walk.Mo Lao Wu imagines that again be not what great hard nut to crack, therefore sent 23 people to beside stay by the side and was several ten red beans Chinese fir members who carry on the shoulder make type weapon to intrude into come, the few can not fight the many, block to all block not to live, let them one shot successful.
The whistle voice that the lonesome Vinaceous Rosefinch street has already rung out to roar and shout, the police of big brigade strengthens to patrol an alert, Rao get the chicken fly a dog to jump, the surrounding neighbors is uneasy.
Liao learns a soldier to worry a younger sister his/her own arm thigh lightly draw apart, the Nie hand Nie feet come out bedroom, take the eagle of desert and open "time" to slip away month absolute being big manor.
Put on gloves, helmet, tense the zipper of fur-lined jacket, once the foot hang up one Deng and trample to ring a motor, Ning tight accelerator, "time" flies to flee but, slippery next month absolute being mountain wreath mountain highway.
The midnight avenue in cold winter almost has no vehicle friendly intercourse, the air temperature is following in the zero degree, unless the rich family opens well-known expensive good car to come out to do lazy job of sons, again or work the job must start out of policeman's car, ambulance.As for those have no carefree must grow crazy of person, early hide into naturally bedding to enjoy Han dream.
Liao learns a soldier to follow the sparrow mansion nightingale bar, three men wait him over there, adjutant, Zhu Xiang, who is the west city godfather to get dint most , one is a south younger brother.Still have a police's bureau is a Gu dynasty the sun sends of the general secretary of the Secretariat once took charge of fast.The red bean Chinese fir openly assaults hooligan.But the police is not, the Gu dynasty sun wants to send confidant naturally to say an item and tries to get rid of the wrath that Liao learns a soldier.
Sit down in the corner, ordered one cup martini, old Liao after understanding settle a dispute feeling process said:"We come to make sure for a while first, whether legendarily 800,000 forbid soldier to teach an at the back to give support for them.The battle wears to have several dare the gun to do so ground the dispute Be getting more beyond the limit.Once secretary, you came first with me explain for a while.The red bean Chinese fir company illegally holds a gun to pay and accepts to lend money at high interest, you why not is their rope with the method?"Money is all-powerful, the red bean Chinese fir didn't know that showing filial obedience how much advantage to Gu general situation is long, therefore open eyes to shut an eye to them, this is all without exception already the secret that the person knows.

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