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"Do you how can have a cigarette?Don't you know that the school rules forbids student to smoke cigarette?Cui government, you are a leader of class, should the set oneself up as an example is just right."
"Not yes, teacher, we know you always very toil, collectively scraped up the money to buy Viceroy to show filial obedience you."
", Is to so, for this time only be used as the punishment that you take a cigarette at school, I decide to confiscate a cigarette."Liao learns soldier and enters the dress Dou inside to the Viceroy Chuai.
The Cui government drills the crowd that surrounds old Liao, the opposite angles falls an inside a cold Jun boy who embraces arm before the chest to silently say:" Tiger, he has a strong desire for petty gains and seems deal with very so much."
Liao learns a soldier all the way and feels pedestrian to his attention gift, the ambition satisfaction regains office.Just enter doorway, just once turned round, Feng shout loudly:"Little Liao all says 2 classes to are to die a class for two years, you how at 1:00 all carelessly?"
Liao's learning a soldier really could not touch head:"What die a class ah, blather a , the students are very kind."
The Feng points at his Rang way:"Do not move!"Walk over very careful Jie drop he back a piece of blank sheet of paper send to his in front.
Up draw a big tortoise.The author has much of the painting achievement the bottom, shadow, see through angle, lines to all delineate alive and vivid, even the tortoise facial in high spirits facial expression also jumps however paper up, paper brand-new, the side Cape place still stays transparent plastic cloth, very obviously be at just the students stuck up while surrounding him.
While coming back from walking no wonder that and all the way why so many people saw him, also thinking oneself is handsome to compare domestic first the star cypress You city?
Liao learns a soldier the moment is petrochemical, foolish sign a short moment, tore painting into two halfs to throw into garbage can, the doesn't matter ground says with smile:"Which age don't specially revolt of problem student?The probably new teacher just took a post to arise his treachery mental state, trust, this was just the most individual phenomenon, wasn't worth making a fuss over minor things.Walk, I bring a pack of good smoke, we enjoy."
Draw out one of Viceroy cigarettes to pass to the Feng.Feng eyes a bright, this smoke differs from the street side selling of ten dollar common Viceroy, but pack with iron box, the color style all has a dissimilarity, very fine, "best kinds of goods, on the market more than 400 piece 1 box!Did you when become so extravagant?"Right away spark, absorb a , 2 people smoke cigarette at the same time.
"I which have what money, just the students said to scrape up the money to show filial obedience mine."
The Feng was surprised to get faces to all distort:"You …… you how late say ……"
The words sound didn't fall and suddenly listenned to bang bang is two to greatly ring, accompany with cut tobacco, scraps of paper of spread to fall, Liao learns a soldier Feng two human face department burned black, lips swollen and inflamed, spew out in full is the thick smoke of smell of gunpowder.
The thrombus that wipes off lips rubs the Sai becoming numb to help and for a long time just vomits a words:"Mama of, incredibly covered up firecrackers in the smoke ……"
Other a few teachers who still stay in the office report to them with the sympathetic toward vision in succession, grade three mathematics teacher Yangs like Gao Deng say:"Go to a health center, the male wound has been already submitted an expense accounted.You are very lucky, last term they ask teacher Zhuo to eat cake, result teacher Zhuo pulled half month belly."
Certain someone behind the scenes directs and checked out me don't chop a his tongue can not!Lao Tze before stole girl's sub- pants be grasped, didn't°yet so the humiliation lead.
Feng can recognize tacitly unlucky, wry smile way:"What teacher Yang says is the truth, you calculate lucky, the first teacher Wang of semester at present still at ……"
Don't wait he to finish saying, Sung jade Hao 1 broke to drink:"Old, you blather what!"
Liao learns a soldier strange way:"Where still?"
"Nothing important, foolish still in the home.It is Friday to don't forget today, you still have a form master summary lesson in the afternoon and beware of a point."The Feng shakes, silent walk to return to oneself's office desk.
Teacher Yang continues sarcastic comments way:"Lend a set of fire prevention to take to compare insurance at the fire fight bureau, if feel stem not early as possible resignation also nobody meeting joke yours."
"Old woman, what do you say?"Liao learns a soldier a strike table.
"What?Call my old woman?You this hair didn't grow together of the Leng head is green will strike table I can't?"Also teacher Yang's a Zhang claps bottom, Nu way:"Early as possible go home, two years 2 class you basically have no level to teach well!"
"Teacher Yang says less 2.Little Liao is newly arrived, also have a lot of shortage of place, please much much considerate."Song Yu Hao says that he learned a soldier with Liao to drink once last night, feelings consumedly deepened, the nature isn't the old woman of that black face cold face to compare, talk to also be partial to the other party.
Sung jade Hao somehow still hangs the grade director's head, teacher Yang humed a no longer talk.
"Why does this woman aim at me?I seem to don't give offense to her and judge from the air, her possibility and Chiu is big strange to have secret plot, occupy all is Chiu is big strange from back instigate to leave."Seek Feng later on thin ask, after getting affirmation, Liao learns a soldier and just discovers that his/her own astonishing sensitive touch incredibly guessed 89 to don't leave ten.
Tortoise and cigarette broke good heart the feeling for a day, "elder brother told me before, don't connect the stranger's smoke, I how don't remember?"
He sees Feng face's exerting is explosive dust and ascend lower lip just a little swollen rise, if cautiously observe, will feel hanging two slices of sausages on the lips.Imagine oneself also very not how much, and then annoy again angered, teaching handout also not want to write, embraced an arm bitterness to think in the afternoon class the counterplan that will tally up lesson, how give that helps the bird the person to come to dismount Wei.
How to say that I am also the Vinaceous Rosefinch street eldest brother of taking the lead of hooligan, even shake a flock of green puckery students doesn't live of words, also how can can the noodles talk?The Cui government is the"executioner" that sends smoke in person, you wait the verdict of justice first light of day.
Noon class is over, the students flow out toward the restaurant, the skirt Cape of female student flaunts, snow delicate thigh a firm is a heap of, can not arouse his interest at all.
"Leave, we go to the second floor the restaurant have lunch and hear a dog meat earthenware pot."The Feng starts to pull dejected of he, say:"Finish eating can arrive teacher's dormitory building to take a rest behind, wait for having a class in the afternoon.You also have a room, the key stays at keep a thing cabinet in.Just the room hasn't cleaned off, can not live."
There are two restaurants at school, the price is each dissimilarity of height, provide breakfast and lunch, dinner and midnight snack, some students have a meal here, but more people from take lunch box, not for the sake of the saving money, they feel person in the home only does of the meal had better eat the most tasty.Having some student's lovers will also take for lover up he or she personally does of lunch box.The guy that didn't eat for lunch box will be thought to can not get the care of mother, wife and be like be deserted generally, is sneered at by others.
Sung jade Hao takes out lunch box and uncovers cover, a short moment a flavor comes into nostrils since then, and he takes out chopsticks to start to clip a piece of meat to send the import the inside and eats whiles saying:", Sour Jiao duck Pu, the wife knew my taste too much., Also have the spring onion fragrant spicy shrimp, black date to braise fresh-water eel ……Ai, old, you how have a meal in restaurant where?Forget to take lunch box?"
"Do not lift, return to late last night, drive wife Xun, didn't the breakfast do for me today, still hungry now.Old Sung, that fresh-water eel seems to be quite good, you can not eat so many, divide a half to me."
"Walking is a little bit far, I am still not enough by myself to stick between teeth to sew, which it's your turn!"Sung jade Hao tightly embraces lunch box.
The bar puts together a capacity for liquor and climbs to compare woman's good luck in the evening, while the flourishing degree of the lunch lunch box is to climb than the home evidence with happy and gentle and soft wife.
"Leave quickly!"The Feng that the ash slips away hurriedly starts to pull Liao to learn a soldier.
"I heard yesterday the big kitchen that the news say the second floor restaurant make a black dog, the common saying said one black four whites of two Huang San Huas, among dog, the black dog meat was the best."
Beautiful United States ate, touched into a teacher dormitory building and found out own room.

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