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Come from what Liao learn soldier's unexpected happening BE, the students have never clamored a dozen to make, the indoor sweeps to pretty much sweep, window clearly several clean spotless, the table lines up tidy have a preface, a face with childish piece takes expectation and desire and in quiet looking at him.
Liao learns soldier's wreath to attend to on all sides, pours to carry on the back hands and drinks a way:"Have a class."
The students stand to start a dynasty him to bow and shout in mouth:"Teacher good!"Get permission to just sit down in succession behind, the in the interval has no one silk miscellaneous sound, also no one looks in all directions to hand over a head to connect an ear.
This ……is this a really legendary death class?How did I feel to be like heaven?
"The classmates, since today, I am your new form masters and language teacher."Liao learns the soldier writes down his/her own name on the blackboard, " is very happy to know you these young men that are rich with vigor."
Ring out a warm applause in classroom.
Liao learns a soldier almost tearful, seem the senior high school of returning to 13 year agos, the classmates head quarter at that time with most the heart of earnestness to greet a new teacher."Mama of, what die a class, all originally scare me.Do the teachers of this school all really like pulling a prank?Chiu big strange noodles the cold heart heat recommended for me one good class, seldom rare!There is also president, didn't waste to ascend to him as well a love theory lesson which!"
"The classmates, for letting our teachers and the students each other has deep understand and promote aftertime's study, I start having a roll call now and order the classmate of to please to stand up simple introduction oneself.The underneath starts, "he turns over to bloom the roll page 1:"Anne is purely pure."
The rear row seat station rises a very high girl of a statures, slightly takes the ground of Mian Tian to smile and says:"I call Anne purely pure, 16 years old this year, I like to paint, sing, the category of specialty is physics and mathematics, thank everyone."The what a guy grows true Gao and at least have one meter 75, the regrettable chest is a little bit small, the facial lines is also still childish.Old Liao without extra trouble turns over to see her result form, physics 64 cent, mathematics 81 cent, this also call specialty category?
"Shell Xiao Dan."
"I call shell Xiao Dan, I love most to eat between meals, my current target is to reduce weight 90 catties of following, hope that the teachers inspect me more more!"Is a slender girl, the young thin shape imitates Buddha breeze to blow to pour.Can't, also need to reduce weight?You is at is African big famine but Be on a diet hard?
"Chen You Nian."
Stand beautiful and slender but very weak boy of a looks, smile happily ground to say:"I call Chen You Nian, teacher, you like which star?I love most cypress You city, he looks handsome ……"someone soft-voiced way:"Spoony Zi, sit down quickly, don't bring shame."
"Su flies Hong."
"Ha ha, I am Su to fly Hong."Finish saying the name immediately after sits down, this girl outlooking Jiao Qie in tiny take one silk despise, don't even see is one eye to the platform.
Everybody's personality is different, always can not request them very polite to they, Liao learns a soldier ego consolation way.Finish ordering name, lacked seven people, the name was a clock Bai and Chen Zhi Hui respectively etc..The document clips an inside to also have no their to ask for leave."Who can tell me, miss class of seven classmate stem what go to?"
"Report a teacher, grandmother's disease of clock Bai is heavy, his home is poor, want to look after grandmother every day, also want to do a part-time job in the fast food shop, teacher, please forgive him this time."What uprising talks is an original leader of class Cui government, he the fair and clear face show unintentionally sad meaning, " Chen Zhi Hui's classmate hasn't been having a class this week, don't know the reason why as well.There are also other a few classmates, all there is much reason, ask teachers to understand much and more."
See to there is a necessity visit at the house, a house is poor to have no money, send greetings for a while, another of don't know reason of have to observe a period of time first.
Is a spool of the rascal teacher's chapter 020 inferior to living?Is lovely to living?
"Teacher also ask you to introduce you for a while!"A girl calls a way.
"Ha ha, do I also want to say?"Liao learns a soldier Nao Nao head, " I like to study and like the history biochemistry of language mathematics geography;I am still specially interested in art, for example music art carves calligraphy to photograph and moreover exercise is also my one of a fondness for, football basketball volleyball tennis badminton swimming running rides bicycle;There is also household chores, do laundry to cook a meal to cook vegetables care family, I am also naughty, go hiking and travek, have fun to race car street dance fashionable dresses shopping ……"surging not and extremely said a big rightness, plus 1 in belly:"Say to play just, a lot of I just once listenned to name, even see have never seen."
"Hua-" the students exclaim one and say in succession:"Teacher's interest well extensive, that street dance, can the teacher be free to point out me?""Teacher, I want to learn to play the piano.""Teacher, next week have whole school football invitational tournament!"
"Piano, mere trifle mere trifle, kick ball me also experienced, how say before the other people all called me in the university'gold right foot'.And does someone like art?As for wild beast parties impressionism I how much also study haphazardly some"
Liao learns a soldier to walk on air and anyway brag need not pay tax and love how to say how say, make the student realize his at least"learned", cough 1:"Everyone calms down and still have a class now time, extracurricular activity, can stay lesson to outside say, I will take everyone ascends Hsiangshan dragon, go to the seaside swimming, the in short Lao Yi combines, will definitely make everyone play happy.However premise BE, your result has to slightly have a growth to go."
"Good!I want to go to the seaside most , having Bikini beauty can keep an eye.""Arrive open country camping to relatively satisfy.""Tomorrow was a weekend, we tomorrow go?"
The carriage that meets and then puts a dignity for the first time with other teachers is different, Liao learns a soldier of crude blew atmosphere to give two years two classes of some kind of another feelings with beard.
Classroom a few last row of students are passing note, they concealment and fast action, the head quarter in a moment is to quickly pass to go out at the teacher, Liao's learning a soldier don't grow eight eyes, and basically the detection was not."Have a little meaning.""Seem is packing kind.""Observe to say again for several days."
This section lesson is mid-degree to lead in the easy atmosphere, the cool early autumn morning breeze imitates if his mood, once the person relax down, the fascination is also high to go up, laughs loud:"Camp?That is very good, medium sea 37 kilometers of outskirtses in the west, there is a bluish green wave lake, there scenery such as painting, the forest is secluded, a good place for being relax.I last year snared a 27 catties of heavy big salmons in the green jade wave lake, did several individuals eat several days, that fish quality was fresh beautiful, have I still been enjoying in retrospect up to now!"
"Teacher!I clearly remember say on national geography we this the water taking is not likely to have a salmon."
"Ha ha, to ah!Green jade wave lake why will have a salmon, this is to greatly discover, probably the oceanographer will be interested in.Be an also likely to be trout that resembles a salmon, time wasn't too and clearly so long, recorded."Liao learns soldier's expression self-composed, back ground inside but flowed a lot of cold sweats:Is the doing not say the students nowadays all unlearned and how even understand so highly difficult knowledge?
"?"That student Ya however way that ask:"Teacher, the trout belongs to Gui eyes, isn't the Gui section a kind of salmon?"
"Ha ha, the forest of neighborhood still has a lot of little animals, camping in the dead hour also has furry small fox arch into push in sleeping bag warm."Liao learned a soldier to directly once round the problem that makes him have a headache.
", Well lovely!"The girls eyes all shine a little stars, " I am going to camp!Teacher, takes us to go to, I still need to snare salmon and trout ……"
Liao learns soldier pure throat, the words arrive this situation enough, plank rise the face say:"I just served as your form masters, and a lot of works didn't in time handle, so, I next week will carry on a test to your result, if have 90% of passes to lead, I will take what you go."90% of pass rates look like shameful, but is Liao to learn soldier at made reference to a whole class the report card of the classmate mess settles down of grand target.
The horselaugh that the students have shouts, vision flicker have, have unconcernedly, isn't the all classmate that he imagines to stand up with one voice Gao Han:"We will definitely make great effort!"……Anyway the preceding batch form master leaves a lot of fees, why don't go fetch to promote good will?
Old Liao just wanted to walk after the class and shouted fled to come up a group of students, rounded him to say:"Teacher our test good of words, you will definitely carry out a promise?"Or is" teacher is your skin very white, use what brand of cosmetics?"Of the boring topic of type.A left teacher, a right teacher, calls he floats if floating cloud.

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