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Benefits of Exterior Shutters Antworten

Interior window shutters have always been very popular, but with new styles and materials that bring new benefits they are even more popular today. Indoor window shutters, commonly plantation shutters, boast numerous benefits besides simply adding to the beauty of your home. These days, interior window shutters can be fitted into any window frame and made to match nearly any home décor theme needed. Beyond their attractive appeal, window shutters also regulate light throughout the room while providing effective insulation which can significantly save on electric bills. The best part about interior window shutters is their ability to maintain their value while adding value to your home as well.
Wooden shutters are extremely popular, but vinyl is coming along strong and both are great choices for your home depending on your budget and preference.
Wooden Interior Shutters
Wooden shutters are definitely more popular than vinyl for multiple reasons, but mainly because vinyl shutters are cheaply made which is why they are much cheaper than wood. Not that all vinyl shutters are bad, but beware the extra cheap ones. Besides the appeal that comes with real wooden shutters, their benefits include maintained value, increased home value, durability, an extra security measure and of course light regulation and improved insulation. Wooden shutters also come in many different types depending on your preference.
Vinyl interior shutters can be great if they are of quality make and should definitely be considered if on a budget. Besides the obvious lower price, vinyl shutters have benefits that wooden shutters do not. They are very practical and will not crack, fade, peel or even deteriorate over time. Vinyl shutters are a perfect solution for humid parts of the home like the bathroom, shower and kitchen. They are also great near Jacuzzis and pools as they are moisture resistant. Unlike wood, vinyl shutters are flame-retardant and will insulate better than wooden shutters.
DIY Refurbish Your Old Shutters
If you're thinking about replacing your shutters but you're not quite sure what to do with your old ones, consider refurbishing them rather than tossing them out. While they may not be suitable for your windows anymore, there are a number of decorative and functional uses for old shutters. Check out some of these creative uses for old shutters and get inspired.
The easiest way to refurbish your old shutters is to use them as wall decorations. If they're old and faded, they will work perfectly to accent a room, patio, or garden where you want to create a vintage or rustic look. If you want to get especially creative, try painting them a different color to match a room better and to give them a new life.
If you've been on the hunt lately for an organizer or pegboard, look no further. You can DIY old shutters can make the perfect organizers for hanging kitchen utensils, magazines, or even bathroom towels. For kitchen and bathroom organizers, it may take a little extra work to attach hooks to the louvers, but it's relatively simple and very cheap. Organizing your magazines or holiday cards is easy: use clothespins or simply hang them from their spines on the louvers.
If you have the time and energy to undertake a more involved shutter project, old shutters can make for a spectacular headboard for your bed. Depending on the weight and height of your old shutters, you can bolt or nail them directly to your bed frame or your wall. If you are feeling really inspired, you can add a decorative molding to the top of your shutter headboard, creating a completely customized headboard for very little cost.
Other creative projects for old shutters include tables, shelves, and even planters. Like with the headboard, these projects will take some extra time and innovation, but the finished product will come out looking beautiful, unique, and like it was made specifically for your home. While we are in the business of replacing old shutters with new ones at French Bros. Custom Shutters, we're not in the business of wasting, and our first priority is your home.
Caring for Your Shutters
caring for your shuttersShutter care depends largely upon the style of shutters you have in your home and the materials that they are made from. Wooden plantation shutters, for example, will require different day-to-day maintenance than polysynthetic shutters. Knowing the appropriate methods for maintaining your shutters is important, however, because caring for your shutters ensures that they stay clean and pristine for years to come.
To maintain your wooden shutters, you don't need very much in terms of equipment or even expertise. All you really need is a vacuum or duster, a cloth, wood polish, and a soft-bristled toothbrush. About once a week or so, with either the vacuum or the duster, do your best to remove the dust, dirt, and dander from your shutters. A vacuum with a soft-brush attachment will work best to loosen up the grime and get rid of it for good instead of just spreading it around. Next, using your cloth, apply the wood polish to your shutters. For the harder to reach cracks and crevices of your shutters, use your soft toothbrush to lightly spread the wood polish to these areas. One important rule to remember is to never use soap and water on your wooden shutters. Doing so can warp the wood and damage the finish.
On the other hand, if you have polysynthetic shutters, using soap and water to maintain them is relatively harmless. We still recommend dusting first, but once this step is complete, you can use regular dish soap and water to finish the job. Be careful, however, not to get any metal hardware wet, as it can rust very easily and make your shutters difficult to maneuver. It's best to use very little water. We recommend using nothing more than just a damp cloth with minimal soap, this will help minimize any effects on the paint and finish of your polysynthetic shutters.
At French Brothers Custom Shutters, caring for shutters is our business. We pride ourselves in producing high quality, custom shutters, and it's our goal to keep them looking elegant and new for as long as possible. Thank you for continuing to allow us to extend some of that dedication and care into your home.
Benefits of Exterior Shutters
exterior shutters san diegoExterior window shutters typically come in two types and are installed on the outside of the home. They can be made from aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, steel, vinyl or wood depending on which window shutter type fits your needs.
Decorative- If you live in an area with few storms or natural disasters, the decorative exterior window shutters provide numerous design options to fit your needs. Although decorative shutters are not always operable, they can be if requested. These shutters add a classic and attractive aspect to the exterior of the home.
Protective- In areas where violent storms or natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes are frequent, protective exterior shutter are often used to shelter windows from wind-propelled objects. While protective shutters posses functionality they may also include decorative features, the major differentiator is that protective shutters are required to be made of much stronger materials.
Exterior Window Shutter Benefits
As soon as your new exterior shutters are installed they bring benefit beyond decoration and protection. Privacy can be an important factor for your home depending on where windows are facing, but with exterior window shutters privacy comes simply by closing the shutters when necessary. Closing your exterior shutters also adds to insulating the home, keeping the temperature warm or cold when you want it. Another added benefit of exterior window shutters is another level of security should an intruder attempt to break in through the window. While glass can easily be shattered by force, masterly crafted wood requires tools to break through and a more thought out plan of action.
Other Ideas
When designing outdoor spaces like pool rooms, consider using exterior shutters that can double as both windows, doors, or entire walls. Their versatility allows for them to open up all the way, closed all the way or stay partially open to let in sunlight and air. Using durable and elegant wood shutters as the “walls” for the outdoor room provides an array of options for design, use and convenience while offering an aesthetically appealing addition to the backyard. Easily transform from indoors to outdoors with this creative exterior shutters idea. ,Wooden Moulding,Polyurethane Moulding,Cafe Style Shutters,Bi-fold Shutters,Wood Plantation Shutters

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