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Remember when a game could be won in o Antworten

vertime by winning the toss Stitched Greg Van Roten Jersey , gaining a few first downs, and kicking a field goal? When the Saints did just that nine years ago to secure a Super Bowl berth, the league abruptly changed an unfair rule that had been hiding in plain sight for decades. It will take that kind of outcome to make the notoriously conservative NFL change the worst rule on the books.It’s the fumble out of the end zone. There continues to be no good argument in favor of allowing the offense to keep possession when a fumble in the field of play goes out of bounds at the one-inch line but giving the ball to the defense at its own 20 if the ball ends up hitting the pylon or otherwise ending up out of bounds in the end zone.The defense in many cases has done nothing cause the fumble, and it necessarily has done nothing in any case to recover it. So why does the offense keep the ball when it goes out of bounds in the 100 yards that aren’t the end zone but lose it if the ball crosses the plane of the goal line? It makes no sense, and the “well don’t fumble it” excuse doesn’t work because, again Youth Eric Reid Jersey , if the ball goes out of bounds at the one-inch line, the offense keeps it even if the offense lost it.While the worst rule in football routinely is discussed (supposedly) by the Competition Committee, there’s never been a push to change it because the worst rule in football has never marred a conference championship game or a Super Bowl. Someday, it will. When it does, the rule will quickly be changed.It will quickly be changed because millions of casual fans who tune in only for the biggest games of the year will see the outcome and say, “How can this be?” So when the rule embarrasses the NFL in a profound and notorious way Stitched Eric Reid Jersey , the league will say, “We can’t let this happen again.”But it should never happen at all. And the league can prevent it from ever happening in one of the biggest games of the year by changing it. Chances are the league won’t, because for whatever reason the league isn’t wired to prevent outcomes like this before they create an otherwise avoidable debacle.On Monday night, the worst rule in football reared its ugly head again, as Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis lunged for the end zone, lost possession of the ball Youth Matt Paradis Jersey , and it went out of bounds on the other side of the goal line. Though the Panthers weren’t able to parlay the ensuing touchback into a points, there’s no chance that the situation would have sparked change even if Carolina had driven the length of the field and won the game. The worst rule in football needs to trigger a worst-case scenario in a huge spot before the league will face the kind of P.R. firestorm that will force action.And it will. Guaranteed. So why not fix it before it gets to that point?In a league that routinely eschews proactive measures in lieu of reacting to rules that create a bad look, how about envisioning the bad look and preventing it?It won’t happen, because the league simply doesn’t operate that way. So the worst rule in football will stay that way until it creates a grossly unfair outcome in a season-altering game, forcing the NFL to do what it should have done years ago.Just like it did with the overtime rule. The Panthers are meeting with Allen Bailey on Monday, but that didn’t get in the way of another addition to their defensive line group.The team announced that they have signed defensive tackle Destiny Vaeao. He joins Bruce Irvin as free agent signings to bolster the front line of their defense.Vaeao spent time with the Eagles and Jets last season Stitched Matt Paradis Jersey , but only saw regular season action with the Eagles. He had two tackles and a sack while making six appearances and three starts for the team.Vaeao appeared in 27 games for the Eagles during his first two NFL seasons and had 25 tackles, two sacks and a forced fumble. He’ll join Dontari Poe, Kawann Short and Vernon Butler as interior options on the defensive line.In addition to signing Vaeao, the Panthers also announced that they’ve signed tight end Thomas Duarte and defensive tackle T.J. Barnes. Both players were in the AAF before that league shut down last week and that gives the Panthers six former AAF players on their offseason roster.

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