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07.03.2023 03:13
Or so legs, in a row twice fierce Chuai Antworten

"Roar~~" deep pond boa that gold color eye pupil fiercely narrows, the roaring cry cutting up rough rings out.This deep pond boa finally faced at present this find and"shout" of a , this deep pond boa is with an upward exposure then rapid the square visit to flee in the past, the speed compared it at the Teng green mountain quick the quite a few is doubly.
"Be apart from a cold pond surface, only 100 meters distance, not good!"The Teng green mountain has no in time a surprise, discover that that boa winked an effort to flee to come up.
The water current flows out, the water pail is thick thin, the big boa of purple red scale once fled from a side of Teng green mountain, and then half the body is directly horizontal in the Teng green mountain above, also have the half the body in the Teng green mountain of under.
"Is well long!"The Teng green mountain by this time just completely sees pure this deep pond boa monster length, " presumably has long 30 meterses, so huge body, but its scale is unexpectedly hard can not Cui, the head strength can easily turn me that with all strength one Zhang.The strength of this boa perhaps wills is my decuple, is going to more."
This boa stands up, the foot has the 10 F several-storied building Gao.
A such boa, only the skull can unload one Zhang strength of Teng green mountain, that boa of oneself strength, will how terrible?
The gold crumbs color eye pupil of deep pond boa stares at a Teng green mountain and has Gao Gao in the last inhospitality.
"Chi Chi~~"
Being quick is like lightning flash, deep pond boa that huge body sharply the constringency tie up to round, those more than ten Zhangs grow of the huge boa body desire want Teng green mountain the whole individual give package to press into meat Mi.Teng green mountain feels at present a misty, this top and bottom or so before or after, each direction, that huge snake bodies all press toward the Teng green mountain.
"This monster strength is endless, once being wrapped up up, settle is can not luckily survive."Teng green mountain a grind teeth.
Fiercely the legs of "Chi~~" Teng green mountain inflation opens and support the pants all crack to open, that blood vessel inflation of as if a muscle with green snake sturdy as if root the root steel wire entwine.Inside the body of inside the strength imitate Buddha dashing flood, madness through double feet, the dynasty exterior gushes.
"Break!"Bellow, Teng green mountain right foot ruthlessly the Chuai is on the boa for coming.
Leg department strength, generally compare arm strength to have to be strong.If the general common run of people can raise 100 catties of heavy things, that he one leg the fierce Chuai has 400 catties of impact dint, all very normal.
Teng green mountain double the arm has more than 100,000 catties huge dint, and that stronger leg?But at the moment, the Teng green mountain faces life and death time, the strength of the strongest one leg, and a great deal of inside strength of attack dint, that is to greatly arrive to marvelously tread.
Or so legs, in a row twice fierce Chuai.
The Nu Hao of "roar~~" boa monster ache is a , that boa snake body is kicked, malicious bump shot the mountain wall by the side of the cold pond up, send out violent tremor, the whole mountain wall surface"Peng" of a , the in great quantities ground powder mixs in the water.The bottom mountain walls in the whole pond all crack to open a crack.
The Teng green mountain takes advantage o this cleft and fiercely and with an upward exposure flies to flee, inside the body inside the strength consume crazily, is acceleration.
"Monster, absolute monster, I am this leg, all unexpectedly have never kicked to break its boa skin, seem be getting slower today, live lives all difficult.There are also 50 meters, 40 meters, 30 meters ……"the Teng green mountains all have already above discover of glow-in-the-dark, ambiguously, all hear an outside Pa in the Mao of rain-storm voice.
"Roar~~" cuts up rough, crary roars voice, spread from the pond bottom.
Under the deep pond boa monster dance leaves a body, again and with an upward exposure the square very and soon flees.
But Teng green mountain already quick get to cold pond a surface, this boa monster saw to make track for a not last Teng green mountain quickly, unexpectedly an open mouth-
"Chi Chi~~"
Black fog annoys from its mouth jet, the every black fog spirit fills the air place, and all cold pond water in the pond in a twinkling freeze into solid.Wink an effort, the mouth arrives a cold pond surface from the boa monster, this foot has 20 meters deep water and all freezes into whole big ice-cubes.
Teng green mountain the whole individual be frozen in this ice-cubes.

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