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16.01.2020 04:25
The Patriots made Devin McCourty a first-round Antworten

draft choice in 2010. Still Rex Burkhead Jerseys 2019 , the safety faced long odds to play as long as long as he’s played.“It was always a goal – once I got into the league – to play 10 years, so it means a lot,” McCourty said, via Jeff Howe of “The average [NFL career] is three [years], and a lot of guys who get to stick around are like, man, it’d be awesome to play 10 years. To be in my 10th year and still feel pretty healthy, to go out here and compete White Adam Butler Jerseys , just being able to do that, obviously I don’t think about it every day. But to come in and be like, man, this is my 10th training camp, I take pride in that and just trying to keep it going.”McCourty committed to this season, but he isn’t considering the future. Once you hit a decade in the league, it’s year by year for most players anyway.“I haven’t thought about next year or anything else,” McCourty said. “I’m just trying to see how much better I can get in year 10 and see how good I can be still at Adam Butler Jerseys 2019 , in a couple weeks, [when I turn] 32 years old and still playing football and trying to embrace that.”McCourty, who has three Super Bowl rings and two Pro Bowls a three-time Super Bowl champion, is in the final season of his five-year, $47.5 million contract. My dad may be a man of few words, but occasionally he’ll still crank out an all-time knowledge bomb like this:(This line was also dropped on me when I was maybe in second grade, so in hindsight that might explain a lot)That’s today’s relevant dad quote because on Friday, SB Nation ran the following hypothetical that’s normally settled over brews and a giant shared plate of something deep-fried and covered with enough cheese to make sure American cheese never dies despite millennials trying to kill it:Would you rather have Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes leading a game-winning drive in 2018?Like any good “would you rather?” White Elandon Roberts Jerseys , we need to set some terms here.So, same as we’ve been arguing for the last 15 years with Brady & Manning, got it. I still have a few questions though. Since we’re talking present-day Brady and Mahomes, does that also mean they’re throwing to their current respective wideouts and tight ends and running backs? Or are they both throwing to the same hypothetical skill position players, like a fantasy team or Madden Ultimate Team type situation? Same thing for the offensive line. Are they playing in the cold? Am I overanalyzing this? Is this why Tinder DMs are so hard?Do I sound like Bill Simmons right now?Anyway.Here’s how it shook out, and at about 1300 votes and counting, this looks like a wrap:Yes, that is what it looks like: almost two-thirds of the voters are picking Patrick Mahomes.Now Elandon Roberts Jerseys 2019 , we’re not here to roast anybody or anything, but let’s just take a look at this one little bit of I’m-not-saying-I’m-just-saying from why SBN’s Adam Stites on why he’d roll Mahomes:Ten years ago? Man, if only Brady had a significant comeback win since 2008. Brutal.Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY SportsThat would really make this discussion much easier. You know, something Team Brady could point to and be like “THIS!”Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesEspecially if Brady had set a record of some kind for deficits overcome in a championship game and then broken his own record recently. Man, that would really be a big ol’ check mark in the Brady column here.Alas. The people have spoken.There is good news, though! With Sunday’s primetime showdown over/under currently sitting at 58.5, there’s a good chance we’ll have this exact situation settled right around the same time the Red Sox are hopefully wrapping up a 2-0 series lead against the Astros.

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