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Various summaries of the new contract signed this week by Jets running back Le'Veon Bell have emerged since Bell put pen to paper. PFT has obtained a copy of the raw document Nick Bosa Jersey , which means that (like it or not) you’re now getting a full and complete explanation of all of the details of the deal.This is a full and complete explanation of the entire terms from the raw document, checked, double-checked, and triple-checked.Signing bonus: Bell gets $8 million right out of the gates, an amount to be paid in three installments. He’ll get $4 million within 15 days of March 31, 2019, $1 million within 15 days of April 15, 2019, and $3 million within 15 days of January 1, 2020.Roster bonuses: Bell receives a $4 million 2019 roster bonus, with $3 million of it due within 15 days of April 15, 2019 and the remaining $1 million due within 15 days of October 15, 2019. The payment is fully guaranteed. He also receives a $4.5 million 2020 roster bonus, $2 million of which must be paid within 15 days of March 31, 2020 and the remaining $2.5 million of which must be paid within 15 days of October 15, 2020. The 2020 roster bonus becomes fully guaranteed on the fifth day after the contract is signed, which makes it as a practical matter fully guaranteed at signing.Base salaries: The deal has so-called “Paragraph 5” salaries (because they’re listed in Paragraph 5 of the standard player contract) of $2 million for 2019, $8.5 million for 2020, $8 million for 2021, and $9.5 million for 2022.Guaranteed base salaries: The 2019 base salary is fully guaranteed at signing, as is the 2020 base salary. Bell’s 2021 base salary is guaranteed for injury at signing; it becomes fully guaranteed on the fifth day of the 2021 league year.Per-game roster bonuses: For each year of the deal Dwayne Haskins Jersey , Bell gets $31,250 for every game that has him on the 46-man active roster. The maximum payment is $500,000 per year.Training-camp bonuses: Bell receives $3 million in 2021 and $3 million in 2022 for showing up for and fully participating in training camp.Incentives: In each year of the deal (2019 through 2022), Bell can earn $500,000 for 1,800 yards from scrimmage, another $500,000 for 2,000 yards from scrimmage, another $500,000 for 1,800 yards from scrimmage plus the Jets making the playoffs. The bonuses are cumulative, meaning that he can earn $1.5 million per year.Escalators: Bell has a potential $550,000 salary escalator for 2020, 2021, and 2022 that can be earned in any of three ways: gaining 2,000 yards from scrimmage, being named the offensive player of the year, or being named the regular-season MVP. These are not cumulative; Bell can boost his salary by only $550,000 for each of the final three years of his contract, based on his performance in 2019 , 2020, and 2021.The full guarantee at signing, contrary and/or confirming any and all other reports on the subject, consists of the $8 million signing bonus, the $2 million 2019 base salary, the $8.5 million 2020 base salary, the $4 million 2019 roster bonus, and the $4.5 million 2020 roster bonus. If my math is correct (and it often isn’t), that’s $27 million fully guaranteed at signing.The total guarantee (full guarantee plus injury guarantee) is $35 million.The cash flow (minus the per-game roster bonuses) is $14 million through 2019, $27 million through 2020, $38 million through 2021, and $50.5 million through 2022. With the per-game roster bonuses, it’s $14.5 million through 2019, $28 million through 2020, $39.5 million through 2021, and $52.5 million through 2022.The incentives and escalators add a maximum additional payment of $7.65 million, giving the deal a max value of $60.15 million over four years. “LA will play for the Lombardi!”Since that phrase flowed out of J.B. Long’s mouth with the superfluous flow of Willy Wonka’s chocolate river, the city of Los Angeles has been preparing for the Rams to bring back a title to the City of Champions.In just its third year back in LA, the franchise is looking to revitalize a city accustomed to nonstop parades and hanging banners. Now that Super Bowl LIII is just days away, it is becoming apparent a Rams win will not only make an impact on the city for the short-term, Colin Cowherd argues Jaylon Ferguson Jersey , but it will create a shift in the sports paradigm and could alter the NFL history books for good.“If the Rams win this game, it is a complete game changer for a lot of people,” Cowherd said on <em>The Herd </em>Wednesday. “If the NFL had to pick a side who wins this game, they’d want Los Angeles… This would be good for the League.”Cowherd made the case New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick have already cemented themselves in the NFL annals, having won five rings together and making nine appearances. Joy Taylor joked the best a win could do would only be to make Brady the “GOAT of all GOATs.” But while their careers will undoubtedly lead them to Canton regardless of the outcome February 3, it is their counterparts on the “home team” sideline yet to sculpt their own paths.“[With a win], Sean McVay goes into an elite group. He’s the next Bill Walsh, he’s the next Bill Belichick on offense,” Cowherd said of the Rams 33-year-old leader. “Jared Goff is the closest thing potentially in the next 15 years to Tom Brady.”Brady was 24-years-old when he won his first Super Bowl in 2001 against the St. Louis Rams; Jared Goff is currently 24. Belichick was 49 when he first lifted the Lombardi as a head coach, while Walsh was an even half century.A Rams win would catapult both Goff and McVay onto a track to pursue the success of one of the greatest tandem’s in professional sports history at a similar trajectory, if not an even better one because of McVay’s youth compared to Belichick’s at similar parts of their careers.However, Cowherd points out, this game could have more of an impact than just what the NFL will feel; it will provide a shake-up only LA is prepared for based on plate tectonics to the city’s sports hierarchy.“This has always been the Lakers town… this would be a movement,” Cowherd projects. “This would be pulling people away. Super Bowls have a way of changing cities.”Cowherd pointed out the League’s desire to become more of an entertainment product, moving away from just the grunt and passion of historical football dominance, and wanting to make the product more enjoyable for the masses. A win for LA would be a win for the NFL, he claims.So, while this game means “absolutely nothing” for the Patriots, the Rams have the opportunity to not only be game-changers, but landscape changers in a city built upon shifting.

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