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design it, but I envisioned it. Me and my stylist kept going back and forth bouncing off ideas, and we came up with this.”Quinne Antworten

Who is Aaron Rodgers? For being such a huge NFL superstar Hakeem Butler Jersey , Aaron Rodgers has done a good job of keeping much of his personal life out of the national spotlight. He is known for being a quirky type of person that is not very forthcoming or approachable. It's clear from his time in the NFL, so far, that he is very dedicated to becoming the best quarterback he can be and he has been pretty amazing up to this point in his career. Rodgers is often considered the most gifted quarterback in the NFL and he is the ultimate competitor when on the field. He seems like the perfect, all-american quarterback right?Rodgers is pretty close to being perfect, but everybody has their flaws and embarrassing stories, and Aaron Rodgers is no different than the rest of us in that aspect. There are certainly somethings that Rodgers wishes we would all just forget about as time passes, but for now we will be petty and continue to judge him for them... sorry Aaron. This list takes a look into 15 of the more embarrassing, strange Chris Lindstrom Jersey , and even sad aspects of Rodgers life to date. But don't feel too bad for Rodgers, just remember that despite these circumstances listed below that he has still earned hundreds of millions of dollars in his career, won a Super Bowl, and dated beautiful women. So although Aaron Rodgers has already won in life, he would still want you to forget about the following 15 things in his life. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Brian Burns simply had to have the right pair of Spider-Man socks, so the pass rusher from Florida State had a pair overnighted to him in time for the red carpet at the NFL draft. The perfect touch to the purple suit and sunglasses making him the best-dressed.At least in his opinion.“How do I think I rate? I’m a 10. All day. I’m a 10,” Burns said. “Yeah it’s me. I’ve got it.”Walking any red carpet is a reason to dress up for the occasion , and young men going from college to work in front of a national audience absolutely want to look as good. Really good. And show some personality at the same time. The men who walked the red carpet Thursday as NFL prospects spent plenty of time deciding which look to wear.The fashion decisions went beyond simply picking out jackets, shirts and ties with some selecting fabrics, suggesting a look and even designing shoes. The spikier the better.Alabama running back Josh Jacobs, who estimates he has around 160 pairs of shoes, made sure to give himself options for the red carpet before selecting a pair of shoes with plenty of bling reflecting light.“I actually had five different pairs of shoes that I was going to wear … and I had three different suits, so I just put this together this morning,” said Jacobs, the first running back drafted when Oakland took him at No. 24.Offensive tackle Cody Ford Kyler Murray Jersey , who will wait until Friday night to hear his name called in the draft, walked the red carpet in an eye-catching red velvet jacket selected after talking with his designer.“So he was like, ‘I’ve got velvet material, I’ve got the regular material.’ I was like, ‘I want to go velvet. I need velvet.’ So we went with the red, the black and finished it off with the Gucci shoes,” Ford said.Michigan linebacker Devin Bush knew exactly what he wanted too, even if he didn’t draw anything out in picking a black and white look for himself“I’m just a guy , I like what I like,” said Bush, who Pittsburgh traded up to No. 10 to draft to select. “I do what I like no matter what people say … This is just me. I didn’t design it, but I envisioned it. Me and my stylist kept going back and forth bouncing off ideas, and we came up with this.”Quinnen Williams went with an all-gray suit looking very professional outside. While many of the players had personal messages stitched or included inside their jackets, Williams wanted something a bit different.“But the inside, I’ve got a little kid. I’m going to do a thing,” Williams said. “It’s like a cartoon with a little kid named Isaac Brown. He’s a Disney actor. About a little kid that’s getting bullied that wants to be an NFL football player. That want to be a big time person and I’m that big time person Andy Isabella Jersey , that NFL football player that he wants to be.”Williams didn’t have to wait too long to become that NFL player. The New York Jets made the defensive tackle from Alabama the third overall selection.Nick Bosa, taken No. 2 overall by San Francisco, repped his college with the inside liner of his jacket all Ohio State Buckeyes. Bosa says he went through a bunch of looks before choosing the jacket from the Michael Strahan collection at J.C. Penny.“It’s just a good look all around,” Bosa said.Even with all the sparkling watches and other jewelry, Georgia cornerback Deandre Baker made sure few could match what he wore before the New York Giant traded into the end of the first round to select him at No. 30. Baker had a star ring on his hand and a watch on his wrist with the biggest splash hanging around his neck on a chain.“It’s a great white shark on a big hook,” Baker said. “That’s me. I’m a big fish. The biggest fish in the sea.”

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