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Adam Glanzman/Getty ImagesThe Boston Red Sox made Antworten

history with Monday's 6-2 victory over the Baltimore Orioles.The Red Sox now have an MLB-best 106 wins Reynaldo Lopez Jersey , which is the most in franchise history over a single season.MLB MLBThe 2018 RedSox could be something special ?OVhfmxpJ6nThe Boston Globe's Peter Abraham added some perspective on Boston's achievement:Pete Abraham PeteAbeRed Sox only the 19th team in MLB history to win 106 or more games, just the sixth since 1975.2018 Red Sox 106 wins2001 Mariners 116 wins1998 Yankees 114 wins 1998 Braves 106 wins1986 Mets 108 wins 1975 Reds 108 winsBoston dropped back-to-back games in extra innings to the Cleveland Indians before notching its record-setting win.The Red Sox got a strong start from right-handerNathan Eovaldi, who struck out 10 and allowed one run over five innings. The bulk of the offense came in the second inning, asBrock Holt and Christian Vazquez each brought home a run before Mookie Betts hit a two-run homer to left.MLB MLBState your MVP case, mookiebetts. aNHYUiGu7mIt's the third straight appearance in which Betts has homered. The 25-year-old right fielder is trying to assert himself at the top of the American League Most Valuable Player race.If history is any indicator, then Red Sox fans are in for an October to remember. Boston won two World Series (1912 and 1915) in its previousthree 100-win seasons.Winning 106 games is something to celebrate, but it also adds even more pressure on the players to deliver in the playoffs. Boston failed to advance past the American League Division Series in 2016 and 2017 after winning the AL East.As much success as the 2018 Red Sox have enjoyed in the regular season, they'll ultimately be judged on what they do in the postseason. Ezra Shaw/Getty ImagesAfter six months and 162 regular-season games, the real action has begun with the 2018 MLB playoffs.The American League bracket had been set for some time with three 100-win teams and two more dangerous squads all having their eyes on a World Series title. On the other hand, the National League playoffs remained a mess until the final day.There are now just two teams remaining. The margin for error at this point is slim, likely creating plenty of drama until a World Series champion is crowned.Here is what you need to know for the playoffs, with a bracket available at MLB Playoff ScheduleTiebreaker GamesMilwaukee Brewers defeat Chicago Cubs, 3-1Los Angeles Dodgers defeat Colorado Rockies, 5-2National League Wild Card GameColorado Rockies defeat Chicago Cubs, 2-1 (13 innings) American League Wild Card GameNew York Yankees defeat Oakland A's, 7-2 National League Division Series (Milwaukee Brewers defeat Colorado Rockies 3-0)Game 1: Milwaukee Brewers def. Colorado Rockies, 3-2 (10 innings)Game 2: Milwaukee Brewers def. Colorado Rockies Bruce Rondon Jersey , 4-0Game 3: Milwaukee Brewers def. Colorado Rockies, 6-0 National League Division Series (Los Angeles Dodgers defeat Atlanta Braves 3-1)Game 1: Los Angeles Dodgers def. Atlanta Braves, 6-0Game 2: Los Angeles Dodgers def. Atlanta Braves, 3-0Game 3: Atlanta Braves def. Los Angeles Dodgers, 6-5Game 4: Los Angeles Dodgers def. Atlanta Braves; 6-2 American League Division Series (Boston Red Sox defeat New York Yankees 3-1)Game 1: Boston Red Sox def. New York Yankees, 5-4Game 2: New York Yankees def. Boston Red Sox, 6-2Game 3: Boston Red Sox def. New York Yankees16-1Game 4: Boston Red Sox def. New York Yankees, 4-3 American League Division Series (Houston Astros defeat Cleveland Indians 3-0)Game 1: Houston Astros def. Cleveland Indians, 7-2Game 2: Houston Astros def. Cleveland Indians, 3-1Game 3: Houston Astros def. Cleveland Indians, 11-3 National League Championship Series (Los Angeles Dodgers defeat Milwaukee Brewers 4-3)Game 1: Milwaukee Brewers def. Los Angeles Dodgers, 6-5Game 2: Los Angeles Dodgers def. Milwaukee Brewers, 4-3Game 3: Milwaukee Brewers def. Los Angeles Dodgers, 4-0Game 4: Los Angeles Dodgers def.Milwaukee Brewers, 2-1 (13 innings)Game 5:Los Angeles Dodgers def. Milwaukee Brewers, 5-2Game 6:Milwaukee Brewers def. Los Angeles Dodgers, 7-2Game 7: Los Angeles Dodgers def. Milwaukee Brewers , 5-1 American League Championship Series (Boston Red Sox defeatHouston Astros 4-1)Game 1: Houston Astros def. Boston Red Sox, 7-2Game 2: Boston Red Sox def.Houston Astros, 7-5Game 3: Boston Red Sox def. Houston Astros, 8-2Game 4: Boston Red Sox def. Houston Astros, 8-6Game 5: Boston Red Sox def. Houston Astros, 4-1 World Series (Boston Red Sox defeat Los Angeles Dodgers 4-1)Game 1: Boston Red Sox def.Los Angeles Dodgers, 8-4Game 2: Boston Red Sox def.Los Angeles Dodgers, 4-2Game 3: Los Angeles Dodgers def. Boston Red Sox, 3-2 (18 innings)Game 4: Boston Red Sox def. Los Angeles Dodgers, 9-6Game 5: Boston Red Sox def. Los Angeles Dodgers, 5-1Full schedule available at Top StorylinesThe Brewers Finally LostJustin Edmonds/Getty ImagesSometimes, playoff success simply comes down to being hot at the right time, and that was perfectly fine for the Milwaukee Brewers.The squad had seven straight wins to match the Chicago Cubs in the NL Central and then followed it up with a win in Game 163 to avoid the Wild Card game. While the division rivals were eliminated in the sudden-death game, Milwaukee went onto sweep the Colorado Rockies.The 11 straight wins put them in rare territory in MLB history:MLB Stat of the Day MLBStatoftheDayThe Brewers are riding an 11-game winning streak into the #NLCS.Talk about getting hot at the perfect time. HUm9UVJioIThe winning streak grew to 12 games with Milwaukee's victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers to open the NLCS.Alas, the Dodgers finally ended the win streak in Game 2 of the NLCS, when Justin Turner's two-run homer in the eighth inning gave them a 4-3 win.But the Brewers remained one of the best stories in baseball. Christian Yelich was the big star as the likely MVP in the National League, but there were other players who helped put the games in the hands of the bullpen. This is where the real strength of the team was as Josh Hader Miguel Gonzalez Jersey , Corey Knebel, Jeremy Jeffress and others can shorten any game.While the Dodgers eliminated them, the Brewers were amazing since late September, even if their win streak finally came to a close. Ultimately, the Brewers just couldn't regain their momentum in time to save their season.Can the Red Sox Avoid a Final Let Down?Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty ImagesThere is something special about a playoff series between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. While the first round was mostly filled with one-sided matchups, the AL East rivals at least held our attention due to the tension in every game.Just like during the regular season, Boston was the better team in the ALDS, winning the series in four games and earning bragging rights for the next five months.The problem is this was just the start of the postseason for the Red Sox.This team won 108 games this year so it is obviously talented, but the players are relatively inexperienced when it comes to playoff success. Most of the roster had never won a playoff series before this year, so winning one over a hated rival is certain to create a lot of excitement.Rookie manager Alex Cora responded, though, and rallied his team for a five-game victory over a very good Astros team.There are still lingering questions about top starters Chris Sale and David Price in the playoffs, so this is no time for Boston to relax. Sale was hospitalizedfor a stomach illness, and Price has struggled in the postseason throughout his career even though he allowed just three hits and zero runs in the closeout game against Houston.Boston was baseball's best team during the regular season. But the Dodgers represent a monumental challenge for the Sox in the World Series.

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